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Pokemon Video Games and Apps

Nintendo Switch Pokemon Video Games

Scarlet and Violet Switch Switch Review
Scarlet and Violet Video Games

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Ninth generation of pokemon is here with an exiting Spanish inspired pokemon region to explore.

Take part in 3 different storylines and choose when and where to explore first in this open world pokemon game.

Legends Arceus Switch Review
Pokeemon Legends Arceus Video Game

Pokemon Legends Arceus

The very first open world pokemon video game, set before all the other games before it.

You can explore the Hisuian region and take part in creating the very first pokedex.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Video Games
Sword and Shield Video Games

Pokemon Sword and Shield

A new pokemon generation for a new nintendo device, pokemon sword and shield is the newest pokemon game to hit the nintendo switch with the 8th generation of pokemons, you are welcomed to the galar region, a place where pokemon can gigentamax and mysterious tale of old time region protectors is coming to life.

Pokemon Let's Go
Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee

Dive back to the original games that started all the pokemon craze in updated versions, Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu Reviews.

The perfect pokemon game for newcomers to the series!

Pokemon fighting game
Pokken Tournament DX – Nintendo Switch

Pokken Tournament DX

The Pokkén Tournament DX is one of the earliest fighting games on the Nintendo switch, the game features several pokemon characters that fight together on a 1 vs 1 battle.

Pokemon Video Game Apps

Check some of the most popular nintendo Pokemon Video Games apps out there, from Nintendo switch game apps to mobile devices. you can find pokemon everywhere.

pokemon sleep game review
Pokemon Sleep App

Pokemon Sleep Game App Review

Pokemon Sleep is a mobile app game that monitors your sleep. It can be a great way to educate yourself about sleeping habits while trying to attract pokemons and help Professor Neroli complete the new sleep style dex.

Pokemon Unite Switch
Pokemon Unite Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Unite Game Review

Pokemon unite is a free to play MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) online game, where you will be battling together with several other players around the world in a 5 VS 5 battle royale to score the most points.

pokemon mix cafe
pokemon cafe mix Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Cafe Mix Review

Pokemon cafe mix is one of Nintendo’s takes on the casual pokemon gaming market, mixing ideas from popular app games and the Pokemon universe into a charming and relaxing game you can pick and play for free on your Nintendo device.

Pokemon Quest Review
Pokemon Quest Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Quest Review

The pokemon world has never been more edgi and square, rejoining the original 151 pokemons from the first generation in a new cube style action adventure for the nintendo switch.