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Pokemon Sword and Shield Reviews Nintendo Switch

A new pokemon generation for a new nintendo device, pokemon sword and shield is the newest pokemon game to hit the nintendo switch with the 8th generation of pokemons, you are welcomed to the galar region, a place where pokemon can gigentamax and mysterious tale of old time region protectors is coming to life.

The pokemon sword & shield 8 generation will let you choose 1 of 3 starter pokemons (like any other game in the series), the pokemons are Grookey, Scorbunny or Sobble grass,fire and water types.

Together you will go on a journey to beat the pokemon league and be the number 1 pokemon champion trainer of the galar region (And save the world).

Pokemon Sword and Shield Video Games
Sword and Shield Video Games

Sword & Shield Game Changes

The major changes to the pokemon sword and shield games is the new open area (wild area), where you can encounter pokemon in the wild and also explore several special mega big pokemon battles.

Other notable changes to the pokemon franchise are the options to dress up your character and also participate in 3 vs 1 pokemon battles.

Big Open Area And Big Pokemon Battles

After an hour of playing the game you will be introduced to the pokemon wild area, this is basically the first time the pokemon company is taking the brand into an open world idea.

As the first pokemon game to go open world, they went big with pokemon battle as well, you will have the chance once per battle to make several pokemon go gigantamax and deal massive damage to turn the tide of battles.

The gigantamax mechanic can last up to 3 attacks and it should be used wisely to win the battles agains gy, battles and online battles.

sword and Shield Wild Area
Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area

What are the Differences Between Pokemon Sword and Shield Versions?

Like many pokemon games you can buy 1 out of 2 versions featuring the main legendary pokemons in that game, you can pick either the zacian – sword version or the zamazenta – shield version.

On each game you will encounter the same pokemons except several that are split between the versions. To get them you will have to trade pokemons between the versions and catch them all.

Another change between the two versions is the kind of pokemon gym battles you can battle in, there are 2 gyms where you will have different challengers depending on the selected version.

Other than that they are pretty much the same games.

Sword and Shield Visuals and Overall Appeal

The music in the game is catchy and fun like many other pokemon games, graphic wise the pokemon games have never tried to push the limits of the hardware, so don’t expect any wow moments while playing the games, i would even go and say that the wild area is plain and boring with little to offer except the battles.

But because this is the first take from the pokemon company on a real 3D open area it can be overlooked.

The pokemon games have always been colorful and cartoonish to suit the pokemon personalities, and that is the real magic of the games: the actual pokemons you encounter and battle with.

To Summarize the Sword and Shield Games

The new pokemon games on the nintendo switch are fantastic starting points for new pokemon fans and the new 8th generation of pokemons are great additions to the massive roster.

The game has improved mechanically and the gameplay is better than ever, with lot’s of secrets to uncover the galar region is a sweet new addition to the pokemon family.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansions

After Nintendo saw the popularity of the pokemon shield and sword, they have decided to expand the core game with 2 new DLC game expansions that let you continue the journey to new regions and to meet new pokemons on the way.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansions

The first expansion is The Isle of Armor – Hone your pokemon battle skills at the tropical doju island, the isle of armor introduces new pokemons to catch and collect with a lighthearted story to go along with it.

The second expansion is The Crown Tundra – meet exciting new and old pokemons and uncover the mysteries of the legendary island. You will be able to battle and catch several iconic legendary pokemons from previous games and challenge your skills as a pokemon trainer.

Sword and Shield Expansion Pass
Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC