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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Review

Get ready to experience the new and debatable pokemon 9th generation with pokemon scarlet & pokemon violet, released worldwide on November 18, 2022.

Experience the new open world pokemon game, with the spanish inspired design world.

This game features many new pokemon to catch and several new mechanics that improve the pokemon games in both good and bad ways.

Join me as I review the violet and scarlet games below.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Game Changes

Scarlet and violet open world map

So where to start, a new generation of pokemon, an exciting new world to explore and many features that take the pokemon video games to new highs and lows.

You can find this adventure very similar to other open world games such as zelda breath of the wild, open world to explore as you like! Go anywhere and create your own pokemon adventure in 3 storylines that you can follow from the start:

  • Battle all the GYM leaders and get to the top of the pokemon league.
  • Defeat the new team Star members to restore order to the school.
  • Face off 5 huge New pokemons that roam the regions of the game.

Taking a lot of inspiration from the Pokemon Legends Arceus game, these new pokemon games have all the features the previous one plus much more to give.

I would say the biggest change would be the option to let pokemon in your party engage and battle automatically in the wild. This new feature lets you level up faster and choose how and when to battle like the old pokemon games.

New Pokemons Available to Get

The Scarlet and Violet games got over 100 new pokemons to catch and collect, compared to other games in the series, I think they did a really good job with the new additions.

Some of the new pokemons require a special condition in order to evolve, and they have taken them to new highs.

The new pokemon roster in scarlet and violet makes the total of available pokemons over 1000 in total! The game offers a pokedex of 400 veriations to collect.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Visuals and Overall Appeal

Unfortunately, this is the section that drags pokemon scarlet and violet to a mediocre status.

I will be blunt; the game is in many ways ugly and broken! As a pokemon fan i am highly disappointed to see such a product can be released from the pokemon company.

As of the release date of scarlet and violet, the games have a lot of bugs, pop up issues and performance issues that drag the experience back to early Gamecube Days.

I played the 2 both violet and scarlet games, they are very similar with a few exclusive pokemon to each game like a good pokemon game tradition. The second game I played was after the games have been “patched” for better performance.

Even after all the fixing the game is just a massive pop-up pokemon game, that drag the playing experience a lot.

But on another note, let’s look at all the positive sides of the scarlet and violet games:

  • Great open world to explore with a cool Spanish inspired locations and pokemon
  • Over 100 new and exciting Pokémon’s to catch and discover.
  • Very fun and interesting story progression at your own pace
  • The pokemons got a lot of care and attention to details in their animations and appeal.

The 9 generation of pokemon is a step forward and backward at the same time. making the review processes a bit hard to pinpoint.

Summarizing the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Games

The new generation of pokemon gives me a lot of mixed feelings. On one hand I would love to enjoy the new 100 plus pokemons in an amazing open world experience, but on the other hand a switch game with bugs, performance issues and a blend OpenWorld design that’s dragging the experience of the game.

After spending over 120 hours in both game versions. I can say I really liked the new open world story progression and most of the new pokemons are super creative and great addition to the roster. just wished Game Freak would take another year or two to make this an actual good and polished pokemon game.

I cannot fully recommend this game to people except for hardcore pokemon fans, the game performance will leave you disappointed, although if you manage to get over these issues the story and characters are well worth your time.

Let’s hope the pokemon Company will listen to its fans and work toward fixing all the issues in future games.

If you are interested in getting Pokemon scarlet and violet, you can use the button below to get straight to amazon and get a copy of the game.