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Pokemon Sleep: A New Way to Play During Nap Times

snorlax sleep

Pokémon Sleep is a mobile app game that monitors your sleep. The game was released on July 22, 2023, for iOS and Android devices. In this Review we are going to check if this pokemon napping game is suitable for you.

The game is a sleep tracker that interacts with the Pokémon world. After sleeping or napping sessions players are greeted by Professor Neroli, who researches Pokémon sleep patterns.

Based on the player’s sleep data, Professor Neroli will tell them which Pokémon they encountered while they were asleep.

professor neroli

How to Use and Play the Pokemon Sleep App?

To start playing the sleeping app simply start by downloading the pokemon sleep application to your mobile phone. The game is supported both by google play and the app store.

Once the game is ready, start by placing the phone with the app running by your pillow or close to you. Try to avoid placing it in locations that will create overheating like under blankets and your head.

pokemon sleep types

When you sleep, the pokemon sleep game will monitor your sleep quality in the sleep graph and even help you with some nice pokemon activities when you wake up.

How the Pokemon Sleep Scoring Works

The game gives you a score depending on your sleep duration and consistency.

You can either get: snoozing sleep, slumbering sleep, dozing sleep or balanced sleep.

Sleep Score and types

The game have 8 monitoring functions while you take a nap:

  1. Sleep duration
  2. time taken to fall asleep
  3. Dozing time
  4. time spent snoozing
  5. Slumbering
  6. audio recordings (in case you mumble or snore during sleep)
  7. audio levels
  8. and finally you got the sleep diary which is the only one that requires payment.
Pokemon Sleep data records

What is the Goal in Pokemon Sleep?

Well first thing first you can improve your sleeping quality or habits. Which is great!

After that you may want to complete the new sleep style dex (sleep pokedex).

Each time new pokemons show up during your sleep around snorlax, you will gradually fill up the pokedex.

Another goal of a sort is to feed snorlax to level up during the day. This action will increase its strength and will be multiplied every time you sleep with the sleep score you got, Creating Drowsy Power.

The higher the drowsy power, the better chances of seeing new and rare pokemons.

drowsy power

How Pokémon Sleep Can Help you Sleep Better

Pokemon sleep can be a great way to educate yourself about sleeping.

Inside the app you will have the option to create a relaxing bedtime routine. The game’s soothing music and sound effects can help relax before bed. And you can even set your alarm clock inside the app.

By learning about your sleep habits, the app can recommend ways to get better sleep quality and maybe assist you with pin-pointing any sleep problems.

Pokémon Sleep can be a helpful tool for improving sleep quality, but it is important to remember that it is not a substitute for medical advice!

If you are having problems with your sleep, check it with a professional.

Play with pokemon while sleeping


Pokemon sleep is basically a sleep monitoring app with fun and cute pokemon-coated paint.

The app lets you learn and improve your sleep quality while meeting and researching pokemons.

I think this is a cool idea, and of course snorlax is the best partner to promote this app.

The game is a monitoring app for your sleep, so being very close to your phone all day might not be the best for anyone with privacy issues.

Overall the game is nice, and the sleep functions will educate you how to get better while taking a nap or sleeping.