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One Piece Card Game Rarities

One Piece card Rarities

The one piece TCG is expanding at a rapid pace, if you have several cards or even a collection it would be wise to know what are the One Piece Card Game Rarities so you could protect them or separate them by their value.

Every One Piece Card Game Rarity

One piece cards are marked with small letter/s at the right bottom corner of each card.

Below we will check every kind of one piece card type rarity so you know what to expect.

common and uncommon one piece cards

Common Cards:

One piece common cards are the most basic cards you can get in a one piece pack.

The common cards are marked with a small C and you can expect to get several of them in each pack opening.

Uncommon Cards:

Uncommon one piece cards are a bit more valuable than common cards. Each one is marked with UC (Uncommon), and they come in less quantity than common cards which makes them  just a bit more valuable.

one piece Rare cards

Rare Cards:

Rare one piece cards are easier to detect, each rare card is actually a foil card and you can see the letter R at the bottom right corner. In every pack you will either get 1 rare card and a better pull or 2 rare cards.

super rares one piece

Super Rare Cards:

Super rare cards in one piece are staples and usually the most unique in terms of game mechanics and deck building. The super rare cards are marked with the letters (SR) and their borders are shiny silver.

You will find in every few packs 1 super rare card and the value differs depending on the playability of each one.

Secret cards one piece

Secret Rare Cards:

Secret one piece cards are unique and more rare to get then any other card.

The cards are marked at the bottom with SEC (Secret Card).

The secret cards have golden borders and even a texture to the card!

one piece leader cards

Leader Cards:

Leader cards are some of the most important cards in the game, each one dictates the play style of the deck. You can detect leader one piece cards in 2 ways:

  1. There is a L letter at the bottom of each leader cards
  2. The card back of leader cards is actually red instead of blue.

One piece don!! cards

Don Cards:

One piece don cards are the resource cards for the game. You will find 1 don!! card in every pack of one piece cards and they all have the same text for the game: Your Turn +1000.

Don cards from booster packs are very common and cheap to get. The back of the cards usually have a promotional advertisement for the one piece games/manga/anime/tcg…

The official card back of don cards is actually white!

In every sealed one piece booster box there is 1 special don card with illustration and it makes him more valuable than other don cards.

One Piece Card Game Parallel Art / Alternative Art Cards

one piece alt cards

Some of the most interesting card designs and illustrations are actually one piece alt art cards.

In every one piece set there are around 20 or more parallel cards. The parallel version cards have the same marking and text as any other card mentioned above (common, Uncommon, rare, super rare, secret rare or leader). The alt card design is unique and verified with texture added to make them pop out of the rest.

The one piece card game alternative cards are some of the most valuable and cool cards you can pull from packs. Usually you will have 2 of them in every English one piece booster box.

One Piece Manga Cards

one piece manga

The most rare and valuable one piece cards you can have and pull are the manga cards.

Manga cards are special collectable cards that are very hard to pull. At release dates you can find manga cards going for as much as 1000$ on secondary markets due to their super hard pull rates.

The one piece manga cards have a unique manga style background from iconic one piece  manga moments of the same character featured on the card.

The actual card has the same text as the secret rare card, although the manga card is mainly meant for high end collectors.

One Piece Card Game Rarities Conclusion

Now you know what are the one piece card game rarities and even some of the most valuable cards to look out for. The trading card game is growing and expanding so I am sure we will see more special designs and rarity types in the future.

If you are looking to get your own one piece cards you can use the links below to grab all the latest deals and discounts out there.

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