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Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG)

Pokemon Trading Card Game, a page with everything Pokemon TCG: Full Pokemon sets, special editions, tins, theme decks and much more.

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Pokemon TCG Guides & Articles

Collecting Pokemon Cards

Collecting Every Pokemon Card In a set is not and easy task at all, some sets become very rare to find or collect, or just so popular that it’s very hard to find any to buy.

The Pokemon Trading card game or (TCG) has been actively growing since 1996 to this day, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

One of the reasons is that the Pokemon as a franchise has been constantly spreading to many means of media and beyond, such as: movies,video games, tv show, fashion, decoration, manga and much more.

What Pokemon Cards or Sets Should You Collect?

The easy answer to that question is: everything that you love to collect or own.

There are several items, special editions or pokemon’s that people are specifically collecting, and there are many more sets and cards coming every year.

If you are looking for a specific item to collect from the Trading card game you can browse the website to find full and detailed list of many products you can get and collect.

Some examples of items or special editions: Pokeball Tins, Collector Chests, Mini tins

Some examples of Pokemon sets: Vivid Voltage, Darkness Ablaze, Champion’s Path

Choose what makes you happy and go with it.