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Digimon Card Game

The Digimon Trading Card Game is a new card collectible game from Bandai, in here you can Check all the Digimon TCG sets and starter decks available to buy.

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Some interesting information about the Digimon Card Game:

  • The Digimon card game released by Bandai in 2020 and arrived to english release in 2021.
  • The card game is expending fast and has many fans worldwide for over 20 years and more.
  • Digimon card game has several unique game machanics like the memory gage.

Below you can navigate between the digimon trading card game options to learn more:

Every Digimon Card Game Set Ever Released

Digimon Sets
First Digimon Set

All Digimon Sets

The ultimate guide for every Digimon TCG set ever released, See all the cards in a orgenized list with useful information for collectors, and fans of Digimon in general.

Press the sets below for the full information:

BT1-3 Version 1.0

BT01-03 - Release Special Booster Ver.1.0
Digimon BT01-03 – Release Special Booster Ver.1.0

BT1-3 Version 1.5

BT01-03 - Release Special Booster Ver.1.5
Digimon BT01-03 – Release Special Booster Ver.1.5

BT4 Digimon Set 4

BT-04 - Booster Great Legend
Digimon BT-04 – Booster Great Legend

BT5 Digimon Set 5

BT-05 - Booster Battle Of Omni
Digimon BT-05 – Booster Battle Of Omni

BT6 Digimon Set 6

BT-06 - Booster Double Diamond
Digimon BT-06 – Booster Double Diamond

EX1 Digimon Set 7

EX-01 - Classic Collection
Digimon EX-01 – Classic Collection

Basic Digimon TCG Game Rules

If you are looking to get into the digimon game and play against others you might want to go over some game rules to get a head start.

The digimon game winning conditions:

in order to win the game you will have to meet one of 2 conditions, either attack and hit the opponent player security cards 5 times and one extra hit (total of 6 hits to win).

Or the opponent player draws his entire deck and on his turn he should draw a card and he have no more cards to draw.

This are bassiclly the options to win the digimon game while playing together.

There are several steps each player can take in it’s turn:

Unsuspend PhaseThe first phase of a turn. The turn player unsuspends all of their Digimon and Tamers. Opponent’s Digimon with are unsuspended at the same time.
[Start of Your Turn], [Start of Opponent’s Turn], and [Start of All Turns] effects trigger and activate before Digimon are unsuspended during the Unsuspend Phase.
Draw PhasePhase in which the player draws a card from their deck and adds it to their hand.
The player who goes first does not draw during their initial turn. If a player’s deck is empty during the Draw Phase, and they can’t draw a card during this phase, they lose the game.
A player does not lose from having no cards to draw unless it’s in the final Draw Phase.
Breeding PhasePhase where one of the following actions involving the breeding area are performed:
If there are no Digimon in the breeding area, 1 card can be revealed from the Digi-Egg deck and placed there face up. (This is referred to as Hatching.)
Digimon who are level 3 or higher can be moved from the breeding area to the battle area.
If nothing can be done, or the player doesn’t want to do anything, they can move on to the next phase.
Main PhasePhase where actions such as playing Digimon, playing Tamers, using Option cards, digivolving, and attacking are performed.
The actions a player may perform during this phase when nothing else is occuring during the Main Phase are:
Playing Digimon or Tamers from the hand.
Using Option cards from the hand.
Digivolving with its specified Digivolution Conditions.
Declaring an Attack with an unsuspended Digimon that was not played this turn.
Activating [Main] effects.
Passing voluntarily to set the memory to 3 on the opponent’s side.

Buying Digimon Card Game

If you are looking to get some Digimon TCG products like booster boxes and starter decks you can use the link below to do so and get some cool Digi-products: