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Vault X Premium Exo-Tec Zip Binder Review

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Vault X Exo-Tec Zip Binder is considered to be one if not the best trading card binder you can get. Both in protection and storing your cards inside. In the review below you will learn everything you need to know about the vault x zip binders.

Vault X Zip Binders Information and Sizes

Premium Exo-Tec products

The vault X zip binders have 3 different sizes, all 3 are made with the same sturdy and protected material. The only difference is the card capacity inside and the sizes of the actual binder.

Below you can find all the vault x zip binder options and sizes in detail:

Exo-Tec Zip Binder sizes 4-pocket Version:

Height245mm / 24.5cm
Depth30-45mm / 3-4.5cm
Width190mm / 19cm 
Capacity of Cards160 Cards

Exo-Tec Zip Binder sizes 9-pocket Version:

Vault X Premium Exo-Tec zip Binder
Height350mm / 35cm
Depth30-45mm / 3-4.5cm
Width260mm / 26cm 
Capacity of Cards360 Cards

Exo-Tec Zip Binder sizes 12-pocket Version:

Height350mm / 35cm
Depth30-45mm / 3-4.5cm
Width330mm / 33cm 
Capacity of Cards480 Cards

Vault X Zip Binder Quality and Options

black vaultx zip binder
card binder with zipper
vault x binder

The Vault X binders have a single color rigid cover design that keeps your cards in the best shape over time.

In terms of zip binder options you have 3 kinds to choose from: 4-pocket (small zip binder), 9-pocket (mid zip binder) and finally 12-pocket (large zip binder).

The vault x zip binders come with 6 optional colors: black, blue, dark green, red, light blue and yellow.

Each binder is made with sturdy and secured padded covers that are water-resistant. The main thing that makes this binder so great is the zipping options. That means your cards inside are definitely well protected.

How is it Compared to Other Card Binders?

vault x zip binder packaging

Well not many competitors have zipper options so they are already behind compared to vault x.

The other notable thing is the quality of the cover and pages are simply fantastic and as a bonus it looks really good on a shelf.


  • Great premium quality
  • Zipper that keeps cards 360 protected
  • Sturdy cover and water-resistant protection
  • Clean design makes it multi functional for many TCG’s


  • None!

My Personal Take on It

If you like to keep your cards in the most protected way possible then Vault X zip binders are the number 1 option out there. The binder holds cards in mint condition and there is even no trace of dust inside due to the zipper option.

Summary and Conclusion

Vaultx zip binder Colors

When it comes to protecting and displaying trading card games, the zip binders have the maximum protection.

The minimalist color choice and design makes this binder suitable for any TCG game and the pocket can fit all kinds of playable cards so the potential is limitless.

The Vault X products dont stop there and they have some of the best deck boxes you can find!

If you are looking for card protection then Vault X zip binders and the top of the game.

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