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Pokemon Let’s Go Game Reviews Nintendo Switch

Revisit the pokemon world again with pokemon lets go pikachu and lets go eevee, better graphics, extra features and a cute pokemon companion.

The games have been released in 2018 and they are the 20th year of the pokemon video game remakes of the original titles.

Pokemon Let's Go
Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!

Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee Gameplay

Gameplay-wise the games have many new updated features and mechanics that change the original feeling of the core games.

The biggest change in this game is the lack of random battle encounters; you still meet pokemons in the wild, but you are not able to battle them.

Instead you will be playing a mini pokeball caching game of moving the nintendo controller or system around and get the pokeball throwing line to hit the actual pokemon to try and catch him. This system is very familiar to any pokemon go player, it’s all about the art of throwing a pokeball.

There are still pokemon battles to go and try your skills at, you will battle gym leaders and random pokemon trainers around the world, to gain experience, (you also get experience from catching pokemon).

The main point of this pokemon switch game is the portability and potential to play together and anywhere with a friend and alone, you can share the controller with another person to try and catch a pokemon together, if you sync your throws, it will become easier to catch that pokemon.

The game has extra features compared to the original 1998 version, with many cosmetic options to choose from and to dress your pokemon partner and player.

The Differences Between the Pokemon Lets Go Games

Starting the game with each of the selected versions will let you play with one of two cute iconic pokemon, Eevee and Pikachu.

Each one will be your journey companion that you can feed, pet and dress during your pokemon adventure.

The two games are pretty much the exact same except the first pokemon partner you will get (depends what version you bought).

How Long Does it Take to Finish Pokemon Let’s Go?

The first criteria will be finishing the main story and completing the pokemon league, you will have roughly around 25 hours to get there.

The second one is full game completion, that includes catching all the pokemon you can find, collecting all the in-game items and the site activities, you can expect around 55 hours for full game completion.

Summarizing the Pokemon Lets Go Games

The pokemon let’s go games for the nintendo switch are a bit simplified compared to other pokemon video games, but overall they were meant for an easier and simplified experience for new pokemon fans, younger generation can be introduced to the original 151 pokemons who started it all with updated graphics and gameplay mechanics that improve over the original game.

This game is a wonderful starting point for the pokemon universe, and set as example to why the pokemon brand became so popular over the years.