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Pokemon Legends Arceus Review

Pokemon Legends: Arceus released on January 28, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch System. It’s a new and fresh take on the Pokemon video games. Prepare to explore the oldest timeline pokemon game, with historical feeling to it plus completing its ever first pokedex in the Hasui Region.

In Pokemon Arceus Legends you can explore the very first open-world pokemon game, with new and old pokemons to catch. In the game that will change the pokemon video games for the near future.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Game Changes

pokemon open world game

Like many pokemon games before it, the legends arceus game takes steps to new and exciting areas while maintaining the feel and DNA of the original pokemon games.

The biggest change among all is the shift to an open-world pokemon game, this time the pokemon company has expanded the idea from the sword & shield games of the open area to a full fledged game where you can go anywhere you like.

Aside from the open world idea you will be able to go and catch pokemon without engaging in battle just by simply throwing a pokeball at them. This idea lets you choose what is the ratio of which you have to engage in a classical pokemon battle and when to simply wonder around.

New Pokemons Available to Catch

Like any major pokemon game before it, you will be introduced to a variety of new pokemon, and in this case there are fewer than average, most of them are location specific variations of the Hisui Pokemon.

One of the biggest changes in this game is the removal of GYM challenges or any type of Pokemon league. Instead you will face 5 unique Hisui pokemon challenges with some of the newest pokemons as the centre of the story.

Aside from that you can expect hundreds of old and familiar pokemon from other generations to get.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Visuals and Overall Appeal

When it comes to presentation and visuals pokemon games are way behind, the arceus game is innovative but sometimes can be simply ugly and plain. Textures pop in and out while roaming the world, and sometimes you just have to wonder where the original 2D pixel perfect polish went to.

Not everything is bad, Game Freak took the time to give extra polish to the actual pokemons and the menus are looking sharp. They made the pokemons come to life with accurate animations and captured their personality better than ever.

In my opinion, they should have taken an extra year to polish up the game performance and to add extra details to the mostly empty world.

Summarising the Pokemon Legends Arceus Game

This game is not perfect in any way, but it brings a bunch of new ideas to mix the pokemon games and bring some new fresh air and style to the table.

After playing close to 100 hours in-game, I can say the overall experience is enjoyable. Walking around an open-world with pokemons all around you is the dream we fans have had since the early 2000’s.

I would recommend this game to new & veteran pokemon fans, and anyone looking to play a decent sized open world adventure game. Below you can find link to buying the game.