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Pokemon Unite Game Review – Nintendo Switch

What is Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon unite is a free to play MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) online game, where you will be battling together with several other players around the world in a 5 VS 5 battle royale to score the most points.

The pokemon unite game is available to download and play for free from your nintendo switch system and also mobile devices such as phone and IOS.

Since the game launched in July 2021 it has been growing rapidly with extra pokemon fighters and cosmetic items to get.

Pokemon Unite Switch
Pokemon Unite Nintendo Switch

How to Play Pokemon Unite

To play the game first you will have to choose a pokemon character to fight with, each pokemon has 4 unique abilities that can be activated in order to damage enemies or support your teammates.

When the game starts each team will have to move over the map from one side to the other in order to claim points at the enemy goals.

The map has several wild pokemons you can defeat in order to grab some pokeball points, with them you can score goals in the enemy team to advance the fight and level up.

The team with the highest score at the end of the 5 minutes timer is the winner of the match.

Pokemon unite requires teamwork and strategy to win.

Pokemon Unite Features

Unite game allow players to play traditional matches with 5 Vs 5 players in a big arena or have a shorter game version with 3 Vs 3 fights that are smaller and more action oriented.

Pokemon unite is very similar in structure and gameplay to other popular MOBA games like League of Legends or Dota 2.

The pokemon MOBA has the unique appeal of a friendly colorful game with deep mechanics of gameplay.

Pokemon Unite play
Pokemon Unite Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Pokémon Unite Tier List

The pokemon unite game roster consists of around 25 fighters, there are plans to bring more pokemon fighters in the future and expand the game to new heights, below you will be able to see the full pokemon unite roster.
The pokemon unite roster is split into 5 categories:

  • Attacker
  • Speedster
  • Defender
  • Supporter
  • And All-Rounder

Each one with his strangers and weaknesses, the key element in this game is to build a balanced team of pokemons and to strategize a team plan to beat the other team.

This is the full tier list roster of pokemon unite (updated october 2021):

Pokemon NameCategory
SylveonAttacker / Ranged
MamoswineDefender / Melee
BlastoiseDefender / Ranged
BlisseySupporter / Melee
GardevoirAttacker / Ranged
ZeraoraSpeedster / Melee
PikachuAttacker / Ranged
CharizardAll-Rounder / Melee
SnorlaxDefender / Melee
CrustleDefender / Melee
GreninjaAttacker / Ranged
EldegossSupporter / Ranged
TalonflameSpeedster / Melee
LucarioAll-Rounder / Melee
VenusaurAttacker / Ranged
Mr. MimeSupporter / Melee
SlowbroDefender / Ranged
AbsolSpeedster / Melee
MachampAll-Rounder / Melee
WigglytuffSupporter / Ranged
Alolan NinetalesAttacker / Ranged
CramorantAttacker / Ranged
GengarSpeedster / Melee
GarchompAll-Rounder / Melee
CinderaceAttacker / Ranged

To Summarize Pokemon Unite

Pokemon unite is an amazing game from Nintendo and the pokemon company, it combines the pokemon brand in a clever way that lets you experience pokemon battles in a new way. The lunch of the game was solid, strong pure fun with a lot of potential.

We will have to keep an eye on this game and see if it can survive the test of time like other games in its place, but one thing is for sure, pokemon is here to stay with us for the next decades in one way or another.

Pokemon Unite Logo