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Pokemon Sets List

In this page you can find all the pokemon trading card game (TCG) sets.

Each set will contain all the cards in it, orgenized by set numbering, including cards names and rarity.

You will also be able to see some interesting stats and information about each pokemon set.

Pokemon Set Lists

Every Pokemon Trading Card Game Set From the Newest Release to the Oldest, Including Special Holliday Sets and Unique Releases.

Scarlet & Violet Sets

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Sets Taking us to the Paldea region with the ninth Pokemon generation.

The Original Pokemon yellow card frames have been replaced by the Japanese style silver borders, and even the pack arrangements have been changed to accommodate even more unique card pulls.

The Pokemon EX returned to the game once again, and the new terrestialized mechanic mixes game and type options like never seen before.

Sword & Shield Sets

Pokemon Sword & Shield Sets following the eight Pokemon Generation of games in the Galer region.

The newest Pokemon game mechanic is the “V” cards, followed by “Vmax” and “Vstar” Cards, Each one taking the card game to new gaming possibilities and expanding the game in new directions.

We had many new innovations and designs in this generation both artistically and in playability: Amazing Rare Pokemon Cards, Radiant Cards, trainer gallery sets and cards, and what it feels like the new golden era of Pokemon card collecting.

Crown Zenith – Set List

Lost Origin – Set List

Trick or Trade- Set List

Pokemon GO – Set List

Astral Radiance – Set List

Brilliant Stars – Set List

Fusion Strike- Set List

Celebrations – Set List

Evolving Skies – Set List

Chilling Reign – Set List

Battle Styles- Set List

Shining Fates – Set List

Sun & Moon Sets

Pokemon Sun & Moon Sets following the seventh pokemon generation and games in the Alolan Region.

There are many improvements and advancements to the Pokemon trading cards as a whole, such as: Tag Team Pokemon’s, GX Pokemon cards, New rarity – Rainbow Pokemon Cards, Prism Cards, Alternative Pokemon Cards, Trainer Cards and The highly popular Shiny Babies and Modern Shiny Pokemon Cards.

This feels like one of the more influential pokemon generation set to shake the Pokemon TCG in a Long Time.

Cosmic Eclipse – Set List

Hidden Fates – Set List

Unified Minds – Set List

Unbroken Bonds – Set List

Team Up – Set List

Lost Thunder – Set List

Dragon Majesty – Set List

Celestial Storm – Set List

Forbidden Light – Set List

Ultra Prism – Set List

Crimson Invasion – Set List

Shining Legends – Set List

Burning Shadows – Set List

Guardians Rising – Set List

Sun & Moon Base – Set List

XY Sets

Pokemon XY sets featured the sixth pokemon generation, With new Mega Evolutions cards (M Pokemon).

The new pokemon Fairy Types improved the deck building options and playability. And BREAK cards showcased for the first time in XY Sets adding extra layer of strategy to pokemon evolution.

Evolutions – Set List

Steam Siege – Set List

Fates Collide – Set List

Generations – Set List

BreakPoint – Set List

BreakThrough – Set List

Ancient Origins – Set List

Roaring Skies – Set List

Double Crisis – Set List

Primal Clash – Set List

Phantom Forces – Set List

Furious Fists – Set List

Flashfire – Set List

Kalos Starter – Set List

XY Base – Set List

Black & White Sets

Black & White Sets starting the fifth pokemon generation, with new cards and even more changes to the pokemon TCG game that will impact the all the following sets to come afterwards.

The very first full art pokemon cards can be found in the black and white base set featuring reshiram and zekrom. And let’s not forget the new dragon type that have been added to the Roster.

EX pokemon cards made their big return improving and balancing the playable game, And many more card design changes such as new borders for special cards and textured golden frames.

Legendary Treasures – Set List

Plasma Blast – Set List

Plasma Freeze – Set List

Plasma Storm – Set List

Boundaries Crossed – Set List

Dragon Vault – Set List

Dragons Exalted – Set List

Dark Explorers – Set List

Next Destinies – Set List

Noble Victories – Set List

Emerging Powers – Set List

Black & White Base – Set List

HeartGold SoulSilver Sets

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Sets are following the games with the same name.

The cards have a unique gold and silver frames for them and you can find many hints and easter eggs in the card art backgrounds referencing the actual games.

In the HGSS Sets You can find even more new card designs such as Pokemon prime (3D image of the close-up pokemon’s). There are several secret Alph Lithograph cards to collect in every set. And the biggest change might just be the Pokemon Legend (Puzzle) cards that are made by combining 2 pieces of a card to make one playable trading card game.

Call of Legends – Set List

HS Triumphant – Set List

HS Undaunted – Set List

HS Unleashed – Set List

HeartGold SoulSilver – Set List

Platinum Sets

Pokemon Platinum Sets are focused on the Platinum Game released around Feb 2009.

The Owner’s Pokemon design from the Gym Era seems to return in the shape of pokemon “SP”, and as pokemon “G” Cards that represent team Glactic From the pokemon games and show.

They were also many more letters added to some pokemon cards, and it seems Nintendo tried to develop something new for every platinum set: Pokemon FB, Pokemon C, Pokemon GL and so on.

Pokemon Rumble – Set List

Platinum Arceus – Set List

Supreme Victors – Set List

Rising Rivals – Set List

Platinum Base – Set List

Diamond & Pearl Sets

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Sets following the fourth generation of Pokemon with even stronger Pokemon cards to use.

The Diamond and pearl sets new mechanic is the Level X Pokemon (LV.X). Each level X image seems to pop out of the frame.

Stormfront – Set List

Legends Awakened – Set List

Majestic Dawn – Set List

Great Encounters – Set List

Secret Wonders – Set List

Mysterious Treasures – Set List

Diamond & Pearl – Set List

EX Ruby & Sapphire Sets

Ex Pokemon sets following the Pokemon third generation and the ruby & sapphire games.

The EX sets now printed by Nintendo had several exciting changes to them, such as the ex Pokemon cards with stronger abilities and overall new card designs.

The Popular pokemon Gold Star Cards can be found in several EX Ruby & Sapphire Sets.

EX Power Keepers – Set List

EX Dragon Frontiers – Set List

EX Crystal Guardians – Set List

EX Holon Phantoms – Set List

EX Legend Maker – Set List

EX Delta Species – Set List

EX Unseen Forces – Set List

EX Emerald – Set List

EX Deoxys – Set List

EX Team Rocket Returns – Set List

EX FireRed LeafGreen – Set List

EX Hidden Legends – Set List

EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua – Set List

EX Dragon – Set List

EX Sandstorm – Set List

EX Ruby & Sapphire – Set List

E-Card Sets

Pokemon e-sets were in the final era of which the wizards of the coast printed on Pokemon cards. Afterwards Nintendo took the Pokemon printing in their hands till this day.

The Pokemon e-card sets hold a high value due to their very short print runs and they are the last remnants of wizards card printings.

They are called the e-card sets because of their functionality to be swiped like credit cards with the machine called e-Reader for the game boy advanced.

Skyridge – Set List

Aquapolis – Set List

Expedition – Set List

Neo Sets

The Pokemon Neo Sets, started a brand new Pokemon generation (Johto) and introduced us for the first time to the Metal and Dark Pokemon types.

The only exception is legendary collection set which focused back on the original Pokemon generation.

pokemon Legendary Collection full set list

Legendary Collection – Set List

pokemon Neo Destiny full set list

Neo Destiny – Set List

pokemon Neo Revelation full set list

Neo Revelation – Set List

pokemon Southern Islands full set list

Southern Islands – Set List

pokemon Neo Discovery full set list

Neo Discovery – Set List

pokemon Neo Genesis full set list

Neo Genesis – Set List

Gym Sets

The Pokemon GYM sets had a very short run, both in printing and number of expansions (Only 2 have been released).

Each Gym set focuses on different gym leaders from the Kanto region (4 in every set). The GYM sets introduced us to the idea of owning Pokemon such as Misty’s Psyduck.

GYM Pokemon cards have unique art style and design making them stand out from previous Pokemon cards.

pokemon Gym Challenge full set list

Gym Challenge – Set List

pokemon Gym Heroes full set list

Gym Heroes – Set List

Base Sets

The very first pokemon trading card game card sets also known as the base sets.

This is where the Pokemon cards started their way, each set played a role at expending the Pokemon cards library and paved the way for future expansions.

pokemon team rocket full set list

Team Rocket – Set List

pokemon base set 2 full set list

Base Set 2 – Set List

pokemon Fossil full set list

Fossil – Set List

pokemon Base Set full set list

Base Set – Set List

Pokemon Promo Sets

You can find Pokemon promo cards in various ways and products: build and battle kits, blister packs, starter decks, official tournament prizes, preorder bonuses, elite trainer boxes, tins and basically any Pokemon product out there.

Below you will find every pokemon promotional set ever released:

Scarlet and Violet Promos – Set List

Sword and Shield Promos – Set List

Sun and Moon Promos – Set List

X and Y Promos – Set List

Black and White Promos – Set List

HeartGold SoulSilver Promos – Set List

Diamond and Pearl Promos – Set List

Nintendo Promos – Set List

Pokemon Pop Sets

Pokemon POP Sets were promotional mini card sets you could collect from participating in Pokemon Organized Play tournaments.
Each Pokemon POP pack containing only 2 cards and each set has 17 cards to collect in total.

The POP sets released between September 2004 – September 2009

Below you will find every pokemon POP set ever released:

Pokemon McDonald’s Sets

Pokemon McDonald’s Sets are special promotional cards you can get by ordering happy meals at Mcdonalds branches around the world. The cards are a collaboration between Nintendo and the McDonalds company, and you can find them every year since 2011, with the exception of 2020.

Below you will find every pokemon McDonald’s set ever released:

McDonald’s Match Battle 2023- Set List

McDonald’s Match Battle 2022- Set List

McDonald’s 25th Anniversary – Set List

McDonald’s Collection (2019) – Set List

McDonald’s Collection (2018) – Set List

McDonald’s Collection (2017) – Set List

McDonald’s Collection (2016) – Set List

McDonald’s Collection (2015) – Set List

McDonald’s Collection (2014) – Set List

McDonald’s Collection (2013) – Set List

McDonald’s Collection (2012) – Set List

McDonald’s Collection (2011) – Set List