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How to Sort, Store and Organize your Pokémon Cards

So you have a big Pokémon card collection, and you want to sort and organize it, you just arrived at the right place!

Sorting and Organizing Pokemon Cards:

There are many ways to organize the cards in your collection, I will try to give you the best ways to make the most of your cards.

Usually when opening many packs you will have several copies of a single card (mostly commons and uncommons), you keep one copy of every card for your personal binder set, and in the end you have a stack of duplicates in your possession that you need to sort and keep protected.

Below you can access recommended pokemon cards protective gear by ultrapro (the one that i use for years), it is a must to have in order to protect your cards for the long run.

Organizing option #1 – Colors and Energy

Organize your cards by the type of energy it represents, sort the cards in stacks of colors:
Green, red, blue, yellow, purple, brown, black, gray, white – (the colors of the energy’s) the rest will be the trainer cards – that way, you will have 10 different stacks of cards divided by colors that will make it easy for you, if you have some specific Pokémon type in mind that you want to locate.

Organizing option #2 – Rarity

This method is more suitable if you are planning to own a large stack of cards, or you will want to maximize profit by selling specific card bulks in the future.

At the bottom of each card there are several icons that represent what rarity that card is, common (circle), uncommon (diamond), rare (star), amazing rares (rainbow with A in the middle), there are high rarity cards like: V , Vmax, EX, GX, golden, Rainbow cards, and so on (this cards can be the most valuable in your collection so keep them protected).
Sort the cards to their specific set icon and just stack them depends on their rarity.

Organizing option #3 – Numbering

This method of sorting Pokémon cards is based on the number of the card in each set.
Some Pokémon sets have over 200 cards and each one of them is represented by a number depending on his position in that set. (1/200, 15/200…)
In recent sets there are several “secret rares” that are harder to get from packs (more rare).
The secret rares are also part of that specific set, but their numbers are going over the total card numbers (203/200).

Organizing by the numbers may take time, but in the long run you can pinpoint every card location by his number at the bottom.

Storing Pokemon Cards:

So we checked what kinds of sorting options we have for our Pokémon cards, now it’s time to mention the possible storing items to help with that task.

Storage option #1 – Tins

If you got some tin lunch box or tin collection box, you can use that empty tin for storing your Pokémon cards.
The lunch box can also hold some sealed packs in a very nice way, that also protects them in the long run.

Storage option #2 – Elite Trainer Boxes

One of the best ways to store your Pokémon cards is to get a Pokémon elite trainer box (ETB).

You get in every box 4 dividers and that can be very useful to divide between specific Pokémon cards.
(You can also use limited time items like Trainer’s tool kit box and such).

Storage option #3 – Shoe Boxes

This option is not the best way to protect your Pokémon cards, but it is very popular across the world.
One shoe box can hold thousands of cards and it is very easy to come by.

The disadvantage in storing Pokémon cards in shoe boxes, is the long term, condition it may cause the cards like yellow borders and humidity.

There are several ways to get your Pokémon cards organized, pick the one that suits you best and enjoy your collection.

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Storage Option #4 – Binders and Ring Binders

The Last storing option is to use binders or ring binders to store your unique cards inside.
One of the better brands i used over the years is Vault X, they got superb zip binders and also great ring binders that can store hundreds of cards each.

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