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Paldean Fates Set List

General Statistics About the Pokemon Paldean Fates Set

Pokemon Paldean Fates is the Second special pokemon set from the Scarlet and Violet era.

The set introduces us to the even more shiny pokemon cards. It is the third Fates set to be released, following up Hidden Fates and Shining Fates.

The Paldean Fates set is one of the biggest set’s to be released in the scarlet & violet era. With a total of 245 cards and over 100 shiny pokemons to collect! Making this the biggest Fates set so far.

Checklist of Paldean Fates

If you are looking to complete the Pokemon Paldean Fates set, this is where you can find the full list of cards in the set.

Below you can find the complete set list of Paldean Fates:

Set NameCard NameSet NumberRarity
Paldean FatesPineco001/091Common
Paldean FatesForretress ex002/091Double Rare
Paldean FatesMaractus003/091Common
Paldean FatesToedscool004/091Common
Paldean FatesToedscruel ex005/091Double Rare
Paldean FatesEspathra ex006/091Double Rare
Paldean FatesCharmander007/091Common
Paldean FatesCharmeleon008/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesMagmar009/091Common
Paldean FatesMagmortar010/091Rare
Paldean FatesNumel011/091Common
Paldean FatesCamerupt012/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesHeat Rotom013/091Rare
Paldean FatesCharcadet014/091Common
Paldean FatesArmarouge015/091Rare
Paldean FatesLapras016/091Common
Paldean FatesFrigibax017/091Common
Paldean FatesPikachu018/091Common
Paldean FatesRaichu019/091Rare
Paldean FatesChinchou020/091Common
Paldean FatesLanturn021/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesKilowattrel022/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesExeggcute023/091Common
Paldean FatesExeggutor024/091Rare
Paldean FatesNatu025/091Common
Paldean FatesXatu026/091Rare
Paldean FatesRalts027/091Common
Paldean FatesKirlia028/091Common
Paldean FatesGardevoir ex029/091Double Rare
Paldean FatesChimecho030/091Common
Paldean FatesMime Jr.031/091Common
Paldean FatesWoobat032/091Common
Paldean FatesSwoobat033/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesCottonee034/091Common
Paldean FatesWhimsicott035/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesDedenne036/091Common
Paldean FatesMimikyu037/091Rare
Paldean FatesFidough038/091Common
Paldean FatesDachsbun039/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesCeruledge040/091Rare
Paldean FatesFlittle041/091Common
Paldean FatesGreavard042/091Common
Paldean FatesHoundstone043/091Rare
Paldean FatesGimmighoul044/091Common
Paldean FatesMankey045/091Common
Paldean FatesPrimeape046/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesAnnihilape047/091Rare
Paldean FatesPhanpy048/091Common
Paldean FatesDonphan049/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesBarboach050/091Common
Paldean FatesClobbopus051/091Common
Paldean FatesGrapploct052/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesGreat Tusk ex053/091Double Rare
Paldean FatesCharizard ex054/091Double Rare
Paldean FatesGastly055/091Common
Paldean FatesHaunter056/091Common
Paldean FatesGengar057/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesPaldean Wooper058/091Common
Paldean FatesPaldean Clodsire ex059/091Double Rare
Paldean FatesScraggy060/091Common
Paldean FatesScrafty061/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesMaschiff062/091Common
Paldean FatesMabosstiff063/091Rare
Paldean FatesVaroom064/091Common
Paldean FatesRevavroom065/091Rare
Paldean FatesIron Treads ex066/091Double Rare
Paldean FatesGholdengo067/091Rare
Paldean FatesNoibat068/091Common
Paldean FatesNoivern ex069/091Double Rare
Paldean FatesCyclizar070/091Rare
Paldean FatesLechonk071/091Common
Paldean FatesOinkologne072/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesTandemaus073/091Common
Paldean FatesMaushold074/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesSquawkabilly ex075/091Double Rare
Paldean FatesArtazon076/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesAtticus077/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesClive078/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesElectric Generator079/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesIono080/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesMoonlit Hill081/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesNemona082/091Common
Paldean FatesNemona’s Backpack083/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesNest Ball084/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesPaldean Student085/091Common
Paldean FatesPaldean Student086/091Common
Paldean FatesProfessor’s Research [Professor Sada]087/091Rare
Paldean FatesProfessor’s Research [Professor Turo]088/091Rare
Paldean FatesRare Candy089/091Common
Paldean FatesTechnical Machine: Crisis Punch090/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesUltra Ball091/091Uncommon
Paldean FatesOddish092/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesGloom093/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesVileplume094/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesScyther095/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesHoppip096/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesSkiploom097/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesJumpluff098/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPineco099/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesSnover100/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesAbomasnow101/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesSmoliv102/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesDolliv103/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesArboliva104/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesToedscool105/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesCapsakid106/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesScovillain107/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesRellor108/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesCharmander109/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesCharmeleon110/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPaldean Tauros111/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesEntei112/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesOricorio113/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesCharcadet114/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesArmarouge115/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesSlowpoke116/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesSlowbro117/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesStaryu118/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesStarmie119/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPaldean Tauros120/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesWiglett121/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesWugtrio122/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesFinizen123/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPalafin124/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesVeluza125/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesDondozo126/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesTatsugiri127/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesFrigibax128/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesArctibax129/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesBaxcalibur130/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPikachu131/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesRaichu132/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesVoltorb133/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesElectrode134/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesShinx135/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesLuxio136/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesLuxray137/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPachirisu138/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesThundurus139/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesToxel140/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesToxtricity141/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPawmi142/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPawmo143/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPawmot144/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesWattrel145/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesKilowattrel146/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesWigglytuff147/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesAbra148/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesKadabra149/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesCleffa150/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesNatu151/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesXatu152/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesRalts153/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesKirlia154/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesDrifloon155/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesDrifblim156/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesMime Jr.157/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesSpiritomb158/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesKlefki159/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesMimikyu160/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesDachsbun161/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesCeruledge162/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesRabsca163/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesFlittle164/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesTinkatink165/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesTinkatuff166/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesTinkaton167/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesHoundstone168/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesMankey169/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPrimeape170/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesAnnihilape171/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPaldean Tauros172/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesRiolu173/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesLucario174/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesHawlucha175/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesNacli176/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesNaclstack177/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesGarganacl178/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesGlimmet179/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPaldean Wooper180/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesMurkrow181/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesSneasel182/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesWeavile183/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesSableye184/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPawniard185/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesBisharp186/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesKingambit187/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesMabosstiff188/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesShroodle189/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesGrafaiai190/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesScizor191/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesVaroom192/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesRevavroom193/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesNoibat194/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesCyclizar195/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPidgey196/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPidgeotto197/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesJigglypuff198/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesDoduo199/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesDodrio200/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesDitto201/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesSnorlax202/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesWingull203/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesPelipper204/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesSkwovet205/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesGreedent206/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesLechonk207/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesOinkologne208/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesTandemaus209/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesMaushold210/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesFlamigo211/091Shiny Rare
Paldean FatesForretress ex212/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesToedscruel ex213/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesEspathra ex214/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesAlakazam ex215/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesMew ex216/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesGardevoir ex217/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesGlimmora ex218/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesPaldean Clodsire ex219/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesNoivern ex220/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesPidgeot ex221/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesWigglytuff ex222/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesSquawkabilly ex223/091Shiny Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesWugtrio224/091Illustration Rare
Paldean FatesPalafin225/091Illustration Rare
Paldean FatesPawmi226/091Illustration Rare
Paldean FatesClive227/091Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesJudge228/091Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesNemona229/091Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesPaldean Student230/091Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesPaldean Student231/091Ultra Rare
Paldean FatesMew ex232/091Special Illustration Rare
Paldean FatesGardevoir ex233/091Special Illustration Rare
Paldean FatesCharizard ex234/091Special Illustration Rare
Paldean FatesArven235/091Special Illustration Rare
Paldean FatesClive236/091Special Illustration Rare
Paldean FatesIono237/091Special Illustration Rare
Paldean FatesNemona238/091Special Illustration Rare
Paldean FatesPenny239/091Special Illustration Rare
Paldean FatesWo-Chien ex240/091Hyper Rare
Paldean FatesChi-Yu ex241/091Hyper Rare
Paldean FatesChien-Pao ex242/091Hyper Rare
Paldean FatesMiraidon ex243/091Hyper Rare
Paldean FatesTing-Lu ex244/091Hyper Rare
Paldean FatesKoraidon ex245/091Hyper Rare

Paldean Fates Pack Arts

In terms of pack arts, you can find 4 different art styles when opening some Paldean Fates products.

Ceruledge Pack Art
Ceruledge Pack Art
Dondozo Pack Art
Dondozo Pack Art
Pikachu Pack Art
Pikachu Pack Art
Tinkaton Pack Art
Tinkaton Pack Art

Card Type Breakdown and Statistics of Paldean Fates Set

In case you want more information & Statistics on the cards in pokemon Paldean Fates set i got you covered. You can find all the information in the table below.

Card TypeQuantity
Common Cards40
Uncommon Cards25
Rare Cards16
Shiny Rare Cards120
Double Rare Cards10
Illustration Rare Cards3
Ultra Rare Cards5
Shiny Ultra Rare Cards12
Special Illustration Rare Cards8
Hyper Rare Gold Cards6

Paldean Fates Pack Pull Rates

In terms of pull rates, the Paldean Fates set got so many different hits and cards you can pull. Making this extremely hard to complete 100%, and at the same time one of the most fun Pokemon packs you can open. The feeling of opening almost any pack and getting something unique out of it.

Below you can find the amount of packs it takes to pull each card type in the Pokemon Paldean Fates set.

Type of CardAmount Of Packs To Pull
Double Rare Card1/6
Shiny Rare Card1/4
Ultra Rare Card1/15
Shiny Ultra Rare Card1/13
Illustration Rare Card1/13
Special Illustration Rare Card1/55
Hyper Rare (Gold) Card1/61

Final Notes on Paldean Fates

Pokemon Paldean Fates set is a special set, which means you will not find any booster boxes, instead you can open different products like elite trainer boxes, mini tins and special collection boxes.

As for making new “waves” in the pokemon TCG, we are seeing very calm waters. What i mean is that the pokemon company played it very safe with this set, giving us familiar cards, rarities and many reprints of other pokemon sets. The only New thing about the Paldean Fates set is the updated Holographic Golden-blue Hyper Rare Golden cards design.

With 245 cards in total and around 120 baby shinies you can pull, this is a set that will require some time to fully complete. So my recommendation is to find and buy several packs to open and continue trading for the rest afterwards.