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Best of Game Set List

Just as the name indicates, The Pokemon Best of Game is a collection of some of the best cards from the earlier Pokemon trading card game.

The set have 9 cards to collects and it was released during December 2002 – July 2003 in several Battle Zone Pokemon tournaments.

Several of the cards in this mini set have a gold foil with a “Winner” stamp in the bottom right corner of each card art. The winner stamped cards were given to event organizers and judges.

Pokemon Best of Game Cards
Pokemon Best of Game icon

Best of Game Promos Set List

Below you can check the entire list of every Best of Game card ever released:

Set NameCard NameSet NumberType
Best Of GameElectabuzz1/9Lightning
Best Of GameHitmonchan2/9Fighting
Best Of GameProfessor Elm3/9Trainer
Best Of GameRocket’s Scizor4/9Metal
Best Of GameRocket’s Sneasel5/9Darkness
Best Of GameDark Ivysaur6/9Grass
Best Of GameDark Venusaur7/9Grass
Best Of GameRocket’s Mewtwo8/9Psychic
Best Of GameRocket’s Hitmonchan9/9Fighting

Pokemon Best of Game Visual Set List

As you can see below the some of the cards have unique cosmic holographic pattern. Most of the released cards can be found with the winner stamps.

Where To Find The Cards

The Pokemon Best of Game may not be the hardest to complete. With a total of 9 cards you can easily complete this set.

The best way to find and buy Best of Game cards this days is to search on secondary card markets such as eBay.