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Pokemon POP Series 3

The Pokemon POP Series 3 have 17 cards in total to collect.

This promotional Nintendo set was released between April 2006 – August 2006 to promote the Pokemon Organized Play events. After couple of months since release the POP 3 packs were available in several Pokemon products.

You can still find and Buy Pokemon Pop Packs in various online platforms.

Complete POP 3 Set List

Below you can see the entire Pokemon POP 3 set with the total of 17 cards you can collect.

Set NameCard NameSet NumberRarity
POP Series 3Blastoise1/17Holo Rare
POP Series 3Flareon2/17Holo Rare
POP Series 3Jolteon3/17Holo Rare
POP Series 3Minun4/17Holo Rare
POP Series 3Plusle5/17Holo Rare
POP Series 3Vaporeon6/17Holo Rare
POP Series 3Combusken7/17Uncommon
POP Series 3Donphan8/17Uncommon
POP Series 3Forretress9/17Uncommon
POP Series 3High Pressure System10/17Uncommon – Trainer
POP Series 3Low Pressure System11/17Uncommon – Trainer
POP Series 3Ditto (Mr Mime)12/17Common
POP Series 3Eevee13/17Common
POP Series 3Ivysaur14/17Common
POP Series 3Marshtomp15/17Common
POP Series 3Pichu Bros.16/17Common
POP Series 3Ho-Oh ex17/17Holo Rare EX

Pokemon POP Series 3 Pack Art

Each Pokemon POP series 3 pack have 2 cards inside. The featured Pokemon’s on the pack are non other then Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon.

Pokemon POP Series 3 Pack