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Temporal Forces Set List

General Statistics About the Pokemon Temporal Forces Set

Pokemon Temporal Forces is the Fifth main pokemon set of the Scarlet and Violet era.

The set introduces us once again to the pokemon ACE Spec Cards. A single use item card with powerful ability that can shift the game to your favor. The first ace cards were featured way back in the Black & White TCG era.

The Temporal Forces set continues the Future and Anciant pokemon card designs featured first in the Paradox Rift Set.

Checklist of Temporal Forces

If you are looking to complete the Pokemon Temporal Forces set, this is where you can find the full list of cards in the set.

Below you can find the complete set list of Temporal Forces:

Set NameCard NameSet NumberRarity
Temporal ForcesScyther001/162Common
Temporal ForcesPineco002/162Common
Temporal ForcesSeedot003/162Common
Temporal ForcesNuzleaf004/162Common
Temporal ForcesShiftry005/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesShroomish006/162Common
Temporal ForcesBreloom007/162Common
Temporal ForcesRoselia008/162Common
Temporal ForcesRoserade009/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesTurtwig010/162Common
Temporal ForcesGrotle011/162Common
Temporal ForcesTorterra ex012/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesShaymin013/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesCottonee014/162Common
Temporal ForcesWhimsicott015/162Rare
Temporal ForcesDeerling016/162Common
Temporal ForcesSawsbuck017/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesGrubbin018/162Common
Temporal ForcesDhelmise019/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesBramblin020/162Common
Temporal ForcesBrambleghast021/162Rare
Temporal ForcesScovillain ex022/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesRellor023/162Common
Temporal ForcesRabsca024/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesIron Leaves ex025/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesPonyta026/162Common
Temporal ForcesRapidash027/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesSlugma028/162Common
Temporal ForcesMagcargo029/162Rare
Temporal ForcesVictini030/162Common
Temporal ForcesHeatmor031/162Common
Temporal ForcesLitten032/162Common
Temporal ForcesTorracat033/162Common
Temporal ForcesIncineroar ex034/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesTurtonator035/162Common
Temporal ForcesSizzlipede036/162Common
Temporal ForcesCentiskorch037/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesGouging Fire ex038/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesTotodile039/162Common
Temporal ForcesCroconaw040/162Common
Temporal ForcesFeraligatr041/162Rare
Temporal ForcesCarvanha042/162Common
Temporal ForcesSharpedo043/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesKeldeo044/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesSnom045/162Common
Temporal ForcesFrosmoth046/162Common
Temporal ForcesWiglett047/162Common
Temporal ForcesFinizen048/162Common
Temporal ForcesPalafin049/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesWalking Wake ex050/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesPikachu051/162Common
Temporal ForcesRaichu052/162Common
Temporal ForcesElectabuzz053/162Common
Temporal ForcesElectivire054/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesCharjabug055/162Common
Temporal ForcesVikavolt056/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesZeraora057/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesYamper058/162Common
Temporal ForcesBoltund059/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesWugtrio ex060/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Hands061/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesIron Thorns062/162Rare
Temporal ForcesMr. Mime063/162Common
Temporal ForcesMarill064/162Common
Temporal ForcesAzumarill065/162Common
Temporal ForcesGirafarig066/162Common
Temporal ForcesLatias067/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesBronzor068/162Common
Temporal ForcesBronzong069/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesSolosis070/162Common
Temporal ForcesDuosion071/162Common
Temporal ForcesReuniclus072/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesElgyem073/162Common
Temporal ForcesBeheeyem074/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesCutiefly075/162Common
Temporal ForcesRibombee076/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesScream Tail077/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesFlutter Mane078/162Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Valiant079/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesIron Valiant080/162Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Crown ex081/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesMeditite082/162Common
Temporal ForcesMedicham083/162Common
Temporal ForcesRelicanth084/162Rare
Temporal ForcesDrilbur085/162Common
Temporal ForcesExcadrill086/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesGolett087/162Common
Temporal ForcesGolurk088/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesRockruff089/162Common
Temporal ForcesLycanroc090/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesMudbray091/162Common
Temporal ForcesMudsdale092/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesRolycoly093/162Common
Temporal ForcesCarkol094/162Common
Temporal ForcesCoalossal095/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesGreat Tusk096/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesGreat Tusk097/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesSandy Shocks098/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesIron Boulder ex099/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesEkans100/162Common
Temporal ForcesArbok101/162Common
Temporal ForcesGastly102/162Common
Temporal ForcesHaunter103/162Common
Temporal ForcesGengar ex104/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesPoochyena105/162Common
Temporal ForcesMightyena106/162Common
Temporal ForcesSableye107/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesFarigiraf ex108/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesRoaring Moon109/162Rare
Temporal ForcesForretress110/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesScizor ex111/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesMawile112/162Common
Temporal ForcesBeldum113/162Common
Temporal ForcesMetang114/162Common
Temporal ForcesMetagross115/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesMeltan116/162Common
Temporal ForcesMelmetal117/162Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Treads118/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesKoraidon119/162Rare
Temporal ForcesKoraidon ex120/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesMiraidon121/162Rare
Temporal ForcesMiraidon ex122/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesRaging Bolt ex123/162Double Rare
Temporal ForcesLickitung124/162Common
Temporal ForcesLickilicky125/162Common
Temporal ForcesHoothoot126/162Common
Temporal ForcesNoctowl127/162Common
Temporal ForcesDunsparce128/162Common
Temporal ForcesDudunsparce129/162Rare
Temporal ForcesSkitty130/162Common
Temporal ForcesDelcatty131/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesChatot132/162Common
Temporal ForcesPidove133/162Common
Temporal ForcesTranquill134/162Common
Temporal ForcesUnfezant135/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesMinccino136/162Common
Temporal ForcesCinccino137/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesDrampa138/162Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Jugulis139/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesAncient Booster Energy Capsule140/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesAwakening Drum141/162ACE Rare
Temporal ForcesBianca’s Devotion142/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesBoxed Order143/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesBuddy-Buddy Poffin144/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesCiphermaniac’s Codebreaking145/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesEri146/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesExplorer’s Guidance147/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesFull Metal Lab148/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesFuture Booster Energy Capsule149/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesHand Trimmer150/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesHeavy Baton151/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesHero’s Cape152/162ACE Rare
Temporal ForcesMaster Ball153/162ACE Rare
Temporal ForcesMaximum Belt154/162ACE Rare
Temporal ForcesMorty’s Conviction155/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesPerilous Jungle156/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesPrime Catcher157/162ACE Rare
Temporal ForcesReboot Pod158/162ACE Rare
Temporal ForcesRescue Board159/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesSalvatore160/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesMist Energy161/162Uncommon
Temporal ForcesNeo Upper Energy162/162ACE Rare
Temporal ForcesShiftry163/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesGrotle164/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesDeerling165/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesSawsbuck166/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesLitten167/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesSnom168/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesCharjabug169/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesBronzor170/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesReuniclus171/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesCutiefly172/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesRelicanth173/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesExcadrill174/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesMudsdale175/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesArbok176/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesGastly177/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesMetagross178/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesMeltan179/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesLickitung180/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesChatot181/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesMinccino182/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesCinccino183/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesDrampa184/162Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesTorterra ex185/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Leaves ex186/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesIncineroar ex187/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesGouging Fire ex188/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesWalking Wake ex189/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesWugtrio ex190/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Crown ex191/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Boulder ex192/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesGengar ex193/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesFarigiraf ex194/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesScizor ex195/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesRaging Bolt ex196/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesBianca’s Devotion197/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesCiphermaniac’s Codebreaking198/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesEri199/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesExplorer’s Guidance200/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesMorty’s Conviction201/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesSalvatore202/162Ultra Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Leaves ex203/162Special Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesGouging Fire ex204/162Special Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesWalking Wake ex205/162Special Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Crown ex206/162Special Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Boulder ex207/162Special Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesRaging Bolt ex208/162Special Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesBianca’s Devotion209/162Special Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesEri210/162Special Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesMorty’s Conviction211/162Special Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesSalvatore212/162Special Illustration Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Leaves ex213/162Hyper Rare
Temporal ForcesGouging Fire ex214/162Hyper Rare
Temporal ForcesWalking Wake ex215/162Hyper Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Crown ex216/162Hyper Rare
Temporal ForcesIron Boulder ex217/162Hyper Rare
Temporal ForcesRaging Bolt ex218/162Hyper Rare

Temporal Forces Pack Arts

In terms of pack arts, you can find 4 different art styles when opening some Temporal Forces products.

Iron Leaves Pack
Iron Leaves Pack Art
Iron Crown Pack
Iron Crown Pack Art
Raging Bolt Pack
Raging Bolt Pack Art
Walking Wake Pack
Walking Wake Pack Art

Card Type Breakdown and Statistics of Temporal Forces Set

In case you want more information & Statistics on the cards in pokemon Temporal Forces set i got you covered. You can find all the information in the table below.

Card TypeQuantity
Common Cards71
Uncommon Cards55
Rare Cards14
ACE Rare Cards7
Double Rare Cards15
Illustration Rare Cards22
Ultra Rare Cards18
Special Illustration Rare Cards10
Hyper Rare Gold Cards6

Temporal Forces Pack Pull Rates

Temporal Forces completion process is pretty easy compared to the last pokemon set Paldean Fates. With a total of 218 cards to collect Temporal Forces will take some time to complete, yet one that any pokemon collector can pull off.

Below you can find the amount of packs it takes to pull each card type in the Pokemon Temporal Forces set.

Type of CardAmount Of Packs To Pull
Double Rare Card1/6
Ultra Rare Card1/14
Illustration Rare Card1/10
Special Illustration Rare Card1/28
Hyper Rare (Gold) Card1/45

Final Notes on Temporal Forces

Pokemon Temporal Forces set continuing the future and anciant pokemon play style while adding abit more playability options with the return of the ACE Spec trainer cards.

The Temporal Forces got a great selection of cool looking illustration cards to collect. Plus some great cards to mix the pokemo n TCG meta. This makes it a fantastic scarlet and violet set to be open and enjoy the pokemon game to it’s fullest both for players and collectors alike.