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Silver Tempest Set List

General Statistics About the Silver Tempest Set

Silver Tempest or SWSH12 is the last main sword & shield era set before the new scarlet & violet sets, The main pokemon featured in this set is the legendary lugia.

Checklist of Silver Tempest

If you are looking to complete silver tempest set this is the full list of cards you can find in the set:

Set NameCard NameSet NumberRarity
Silver TempestVenonat001/195Common
Silver TempestVenomoth002/195Uncommon
Silver TempestSpinarak003/195Common
Silver TempestAriados004/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestSunkern005/195Common
Silver TempestSunflora006/195Uncommon
Silver TempestSerperior V007/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestSerperior VSTAR008/195Ultra Rare VSTAR
Silver TempestPetilil009/195Common
Silver TempestHisuian Lilligant010/195Rare
Silver TempestFoongus011/195Common
Silver TempestAmoonguss012/195Rare
Silver TempestDurant013/195Common
Silver TempestVirizion014/195Rare
Silver TempestChesnaught V015/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestRadiant Tsareena016/195Radiant Pokemon
Silver TempestVulpix017/195Common
Silver TempestNinetales018/195Uncommon
Silver TempestGrowlithe019/195Common
Silver TempestArcanine020/195Rare
Silver TempestPonyta021/195Common
Silver TempestRapidash022/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestVictini023/195Rare
Silver TempestReshiram V024/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestFennekin025/195Common
Silver TempestBraixen026/195Uncommon
Silver TempestDelphox027/195Rare
Silver TempestFletchinder028/195Uncommon
Silver TempestTalonflame029/195Rare
Silver TempestLitten030/195Common
Silver TempestTorracat031/195Uncommon
Silver TempestIncineroar032/195Rare
Silver TempestAlolan Vulpix V033/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestAlolan Vulpix VSTAR034/195Ultra Rare VSTAR
Silver TempestOmastar V035/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestArticuno036/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestWailmer037/195Common
Silver TempestWailord038/195Uncommon
Silver TempestFeebas039/195Common
Silver TempestMilotic040/195Rare
Silver TempestSnorunt041/195Common
Silver TempestGlalie042/195Uncommon
Silver TempestFroslass043/195Rare
Silver TempestRelicanth044/195Common
Silver TempestPhione045/195Rare
Silver TempestKeldeo046/195Rare
Silver TempestDewpider047/195Common
Silver TempestAraquanid048/195Uncommon
Silver TempestPikachu049/195Common
Silver TempestRaichu050/195Uncommon
Silver TempestChinchou051/195Common
Silver TempestLanturn052/195Uncommon
Silver TempestRotom053/195Common
Silver TempestEmolga054/195Common
Silver TempestStunfisk055/195Common
Silver TempestZeraora056/195Rare
Silver TempestRegieleki V057/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestRegieleki VMAX058/195Ultra Rare VMAX
Silver TempestRadiant Alakazam059/195Radiant Pokemon
Silver TempestDrowzee060/195Common
Silver TempestHypno061/195Uncommon
Silver TempestJynx062/195Uncommon
Silver TempestMisdreavus063/195Common
Silver TempestMismagius064/195Rare
Silver TempestUnown V065/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestUnown VSTAR066/195Ultra Rare VSTAR
Silver TempestRalts067/195Common
Silver TempestKirlia068/195Uncommon
Silver TempestGardevoir069/195Rare
Silver TempestMawile V070/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestMawile VSTAR071/195Ultra Rare VSTAR
Silver TempestMeditite072/195Common
Silver TempestMedicham073/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestChimecho074/195Common
Silver TempestSigilyph075/195Uncommon
Silver TempestSolosis076/195Common
Silver TempestDuosion077/195Uncommon
Silver TempestReuniclus078/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestElgyem079/195Common
Silver TempestBeheeyem080/195Uncommon
Silver TempestEspurr081/195Common
Silver TempestMeowstic082/195Uncommon
Silver TempestSwirlix083/195Common
Silver TempestSlurpuff084/195Uncommon
Silver TempestDedenne085/195Uncommon
Silver TempestIndeedee086/195Common
Silver TempestDreepy087/195Common
Silver TempestDrakloak088/195Uncommon
Silver TempestDragapult089/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestHisuian Arcanine V090/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestPhanpy091/195Common
Silver TempestDonphan092/195Uncommon
Silver TempestBaltoy093/195Common
Silver TempestClaydol094/195Uncommon
Silver TempestAnorith095/195Uncommon
Silver TempestArmaldo096/195Rare
Silver TempestTerrakion097/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestHawlucha098/195Common
Silver TempestSandygast099/195Common
Silver TempestPalossand100/195Uncommon
Silver TempestStonjourner101/195Uncommon
Silver TempestUrsaluna V102/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestZubat103/195Common
Silver TempestGolbat104/195Uncommon
Silver TempestCrobat105/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestMurkrow106/195Common
Silver TempestHonchkrow107/195Uncommon
Silver TempestSkuntank V108/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestCroagunk109/195Common
Silver TempestToxicroak110/195Uncommon
Silver TempestSandile111/195Common
Silver TempestKrokorok112/195Uncommon
Silver TempestKrookodile113/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestMareanie114/195Common
Silver TempestToxapex115/195Uncommon
Silver TempestMorpeko116/195Uncommon
Silver TempestBeldum117/195Common
Silver TempestMetang118/195Uncommon
Silver TempestMetagross119/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestRadiant Jirachi120/195Radiant Pokemon
Silver TempestFerroseed121/195Common
Silver TempestFerrothorn122/195Uncommon
Silver TempestKlink123/195Common
Silver TempestKlang124/195Uncommon
Silver TempestKlinklang125/195Rare
Silver TempestCobalion126/195Rare
Silver TempestTogedemaru127/195Common
Silver TempestMagearna V128/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestDratini129/195Common
Silver TempestDragonair130/195Uncommon
Silver TempestDragonite131/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestNoibat132/195Common
Silver TempestNoivern133/195Rare
Silver TempestZygarde134/195Rare
Silver TempestRegidrago V135/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestRegidrago VSTAR136/195Ultra Rare VSTAR
Silver TempestSmeargle137/195Common
Silver TempestLugia V138/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestLugia VSTAR139/195Ultra Rare VSTAR
Silver TempestHo-Oh V140/195Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestSpinda141/195Common
Silver TempestSwablu142/195Common
Silver TempestAltaria143/195Uncommon
Silver TempestBuneary144/195Common
Silver TempestLopunny145/195Uncommon
Silver TempestArchen146/195Uncommon
Silver TempestArcheops147/195Holo Rare
Silver TempestRufflet148/195Common
Silver TempestHisuian Braviary149/195Rare
Silver TempestFletchling150/195Common
Silver TempestBrandon151/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestCandice152/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestCapturing Aroma153/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestEarthen Seal Stone154/195Holo Rare – Trainer
Silver TempestEmergency Jelly155/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestForest Seal Stone156/195Holo Rare – Trainer
Silver TempestFurisode Girl157/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestGym Trainer158/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestLance159/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestLeafy Camo Poncho160/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestPrimordial Altar161/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestProfessor Laventon162/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestQuad Stone163/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestSerena164/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestUnidentified Fossil165/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestWallace166/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestWorker167/195Uncommon – Trainer
Silver TempestRegenerative Energy168/195Uncommon – Energy
Silver TempestV Guard Energy169/195Uncommon – Energy
Silver TempestSerperior V170/195Full Art V
Silver TempestChesnaught V171/195Full Art V
Silver TempestReshiram V172/195Full Art V
Silver TempestAlolan Vulpix V173/195Full Art V
Silver TempestOmastar V174/195Full Art V
Silver TempestRegieleki V175/195Full Art V
Silver TempestUnown V176/195Full Art V
Silver TempestUnown V177/195Alternative Art V
Silver TempestMawile V178/195Full Art V
Silver TempestHisuian Arcanine V179/195Full Art V
Silver TempestSkuntank V180/195Full Art V
Silver TempestSkuntank V181/195Alternative Art V
Silver TempestMagearna V182/195Full Art V
Silver TempestRegidrago V183/195Full Art V
Silver TempestRegidrago V184/195Alternative Art V
Silver TempestLugia V185/195Full Art V
Silver TempestLugia V186/195Alternative Art V
Silver TempestHo-Oh V187/195Full Art V
Silver TempestBrandon188/195Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestCandice189/195Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestFurisode Girl190/195Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestGym Trainer191/195Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestLance192/195Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestSerena193/195Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestWallace194/195Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestWorker195/195Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestSerperior VSTAR196/195Rainbow VSTAR
Silver TempestAlolan Vulpix VSTAR197/195Rainbow VSTAR
Silver TempestRegieleki VMAX198/195Rainbow VMAX
Silver TempestUnown VSTAR199/195Rainbow VSTAR
Silver TempestMawile VSTAR200/195Rainbow VSTAR
Silver TempestRegidrago VSTAR201/195Rainbow VSTAR
Silver TempestLugia VSTAR202/195Rainbow VSTAR
Silver TempestBrandon203/195Rainbow – Trainer
Silver TempestCandice204/195Rainbow – Trainer
Silver TempestFurisode Girl205/195Rainbow – Trainer
Silver TempestLance206/195Rainbow – Trainer
Silver TempestSerena207/195Rainbow – Trainer
Silver TempestWallace208/195Rainbow – Trainer
Silver TempestWorker209/195Rainbow – Trainer
Silver TempestSerperior VSTAR210/195Golden V-Star
Silver TempestLugia VSTAR211/195Golden V-Star
Silver TempestEnergy Switch212/195Golden Trainer
Silver TempestGapejaw Bog213/195Golden Trainer
Silver TempestLeafy Camo Poncho214/195Golden Trainer
Silver TempestV Guard Energy215/195Golden Energy

Silver Tempest Trainer Gallery

There are a total of 30 trainer gallery cards you can collect in the Silver Tempest set.

Set NameCard NameSet NumberRarity
Silver TempestBraixenTG01/TG30Holo Rare
Silver TempestMiloticTG02/TG30Holo Rare
Silver TempestFlaaffyTG03/TG30Holo Rare
Silver TempestJynxTG04/TG30Holo Rare
Silver TempestGardevoirTG05/TG30Holo Rare
Silver TempestMalamarTG06/TG30Holo Rare
Silver TempestRockruffTG07/TG30Holo Rare
Silver TempestPassimianTG08/TG30Holo Rare
Silver TempestDruddigonTG09/TG30Holo Rare
Silver TempestSmeargleTG10/TG30Holo Rare
Silver TempestAltariaTG11/TG30Holo Rare
Silver TempestKricketune VTG12/TG30Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestSerperior VTG13/TG30Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestBlaziken VTG14/TG30Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestBlaziken VMAXTG15/TG30Ultra Rare VMAX
Silver TempestZeraora VTG16/TG30Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestMawile VTG17/TG30Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestCorviknight VTG18/TG30Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestCorviknight VMAXTG19/TG30Ultra Rare VMAX
Silver TempestRayquaza VMAXTG20/TG30Ultra Rare VMAX
Silver TempestDuraludon VMAXTG21/TG30Ultra Rare VMAX
Silver TempestBlisseyVTG22/TG30Ultra Rare V
Silver TempestFriends in GalarTG23/TG30Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestGordieTG24/TG30Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestJudgeTG25/TG30Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestProfessor BurnetTG26/TG30Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestRaihanTG27/TG30Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestSordward & ShielbertTG28/TG30Full Art Trainer
Silver TempestRayquaza VMAXTG29/TG30Golden VMAX
Silver TempestDuraludon VMAXTG30/TG30Golden VMAX

Silver Tempest Pack Arts

You can find a total of 4 different pack arts in the Silver Tempest set, Each pack will include 10 cards:

  • Lugia
  • Alolan Volpix
  • Regieleki
  • Regidrago

Silver Tempest Build and Battle Promos

Like other sets with build and battle kits, there are 4 unique holographic promotional cards you can find in a silver tempest build and battle kit:

  • Sunflora SWSH269 Promo
  • Rapidash SWSH270 Promo
  • Kirlia SWSH271 Promo
  • Archeops SWSH272 Promo

Card Type Breakdown and Statistics of Silver Tempest Set

In case you want more informational Satistics on the cards in pokemon silver tempest set, you can see the distribution below of card types and quantity for the entire complete set.

Card TypeQuantity
Common Cards53
Uncommon Cards38
Rare Cards20
Holographic Cards14
Trainer and Energy Cards19
Reverse Holo Cards144
V Cards15
VMAX Cards1
VSTAR Cards6
Radiant Cards3
Alternative Art Cards4
Full Art Cards26
Rainbow Cards14
Gold Cards6

Trainer Gallery Cards

Out of 30 trainer gallery cards you can see the distributions below of what to expect.

Card TypeQuantity
Holographic Cards11
V Cards7
VMAX Cards4
Trainer Cards6
Gold Cards2

Final Notes on Pokemon Silver Tempest

Just like the previous sets lost origin, astral radiance and brilliant stars they all have the special trainers gallery cards, which boost up the pull rates and the overall enjoyment from the pack opening experience.

The silver tempest set is the 12th main set from the sword and shield era, and it marks the ending of the 8th generation sets on a very positive note.