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Paradox Rift Set List

General Statistics About the Pokemon Paradox Rift Set

Pokemon Paradox Rift is the Forth main pokemon set of the Scarlet and Violet era.

The set introduces us to the new Paldea, ancient and futuristic pokemons featured in the video games of scarlet and violet.

The Paradox Rift set has several similarities to the sword and shield era set of battle styles. With 266 cards in total and 2 unique play styles we can surely expect paradox rift to make an impact on the pokemon TCG.

Checklist of Paradox Rift

If you are looking to complete the Pokemon Paradox Rift set, this is where you can find the full list of cards in the set.

Below you can find the complete set list of paradox rift:

Set NameCard NameSet NumberRarity
Paradox RiftSurskit001/182Common
Paradox RiftMasquerain002/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftFroslass ex003/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftPansage004/182Common
Paradox RiftSimisage005/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftDwebble006/182Common
Paradox RiftCrustle007/182Common
Paradox RiftBounsweet008/182Common
Paradox RiftSteenee009/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftBlipbug010/182Common
Paradox RiftDottler011/182Common
Paradox RiftOrbeetle012/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftNymble013/182Common
Paradox RiftNymble014/182Common
Paradox RiftToedscool015/182Common
Paradox RiftToedscool016/182Common
Paradox RiftToedscruel017/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftWo-Chien018/182Rare
Paradox RiftMagby019/182Common
Paradox RiftPansear020/182Common
Paradox RiftSimisear021/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftVolcanion022/182Rare
Paradox RiftFuecoco023/182Common
Paradox RiftCrocalor024/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftCharcadet025/182Common
Paradox RiftCharcadet026/182Common
Paradox RiftArmarouge ex027/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftIron Moth028/182Rare
Paradox RiftChi-Yu029/182Rare
Paradox RiftHorsea030/182Common
Paradox RiftSeadra031/182Common
Paradox RiftKingdra032/182Rare
Paradox RiftRemoraid033/182Common
Paradox RiftOctillery034/182Common
Paradox RiftFeebas035/182Common
Paradox RiftMilotic036/182Rare
Paradox RiftSnorunt037/182Common
Paradox RiftGarchomp ex038/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftMantyke039/182Common
Paradox RiftPalkia040/182Rare
Paradox RiftPanpour041/182Common
Paradox RiftSimipour042/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftVanillite043/182Common
Paradox RiftVanillish044/182Common
Paradox RiftVanilluxe045/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftTsareena ex046/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftWimpod047/182Common
Paradox RiftWimpod048/182Common
Paradox RiftGolisopod049/182Rare
Paradox RiftGolisopod ex050/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftWiglett051/182Common
Paradox RiftWiglett052/182Common
Paradox RiftWugtrio053/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftVeluza054/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftDondozo055/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftIron Bundle056/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftChien-Pao057/182Rare
Paradox RiftMewtwo ex058/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftElekid059/182Common
Paradox RiftPlusle060/182Common
Paradox RiftMinun061/182Common
Paradox RiftBlitzle062/182Common
Paradox RiftZebstrika063/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftJoltik064/182Common
Paradox RiftGalvantula065/182Common
Paradox RiftZekrom066/182Rare
Paradox RiftOricorio067/182Common
Paradox RiftTapu Koko ex068/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftToxel069/182Common
Paradox RiftIron Hands ex070/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftNatu071/182Common
Paradox RiftXatu072/182Rare
Paradox RiftLatios073/182Rare
Paradox RiftDeoxys074/182Rare
Paradox RiftYamask075/182Common
Paradox RiftCofagrigus ex076/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftPumpkaboo077/182Common
Paradox RiftGourgeist078/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftFlittle079/182Common
Paradox RiftFlittle080/182Common
Paradox RiftEspathra081/182Rare
Paradox RiftTinkatink082/182Common
Paradox RiftTinkatink083/182Common
Paradox RiftTinkatuff084/182Common
Paradox RiftTinkaton085/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftScream Tail086/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftGimmighoul087/182Common
Paradox RiftGimmighoul088/182Common
Paradox RiftIron Valiant ex089/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftOnix090/182Common
Paradox RiftGligar091/182Common
Paradox RiftGliscor092/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftGroudon093/182Rare
Paradox RiftGible094/182Common
Paradox RiftGabite095/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftMienfoo096/182Common
Paradox RiftMienshao097/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftHoopa ex098/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftMinior099/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftToxtricity ex100/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftNacli101/182Common
Paradox RiftNacli102/182Common
Paradox RiftNaclstack103/182Common
Paradox RiftGarganacl104/182Rare
Paradox RiftKlawf105/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftFlamigo106/182Common
Paradox RiftSlither Wing107/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftSandy Shocks ex108/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftTing-Lu109/182Rare
Paradox RiftZubat110/182Common
Paradox RiftGolbat111/182Common
Paradox RiftCrobat112/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftAbsol113/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftPurrloin114/182Common
Paradox RiftLiepard115/182Common
Paradox RiftTrubbish116/182Common
Paradox RiftGarbodor117/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftYveltal118/182Rare
Paradox RiftNickit119/182Common
Paradox RiftThievul120/182Rare
Paradox RiftMorpeko121/182Rare
Paradox RiftLokix122/182Rare
Paradox RiftBrute Bonnet123/182Rare
Paradox RiftRoaring Moon ex124/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftSteelix125/182Rare
Paradox RiftJirachi126/182Common
Paradox RiftFerroseed127/182Common
Paradox RiftFerrothorn128/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftDurant129/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftHonedge130/182Common
Paradox RiftHonedge131/182Common
Paradox RiftDoublade132/182Common
Paradox RiftDoublade133/182Common
Paradox RiftAegislash134/182Rare
Paradox RiftAegislash ex135/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftZacian136/182Rare
Paradox RiftSkeledirge ex137/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftOrthworm138/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftGholdengo ex139/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftAltaria ex140/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftTatsugiri141/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftPorygon142/182Common
Paradox RiftPorygon2143/182Common
Paradox RiftPorygon-Z144/182Rare
Paradox RiftAipom145/182Common
Paradox RiftAmbipom146/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftMiltank147/182Common
Paradox RiftWhismur148/182Common
Paradox RiftLoudred149/182Common
Paradox RiftExploud150/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftSpinda151/182Common
Paradox RiftSwablu152/182Common
Paradox RiftTandemaus153/182Common
Paradox RiftTandemaus154/182Common
Paradox RiftMaushold ex155/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftBombirdier ex156/182Double Rare
Paradox RiftCyclizar157/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftIron Jugulis158/182Rare
Paradox RiftAncient Booster Energy Capsule159/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftCounter Catcher160/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftCursed Duster161/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftDefiance Vest162/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftEarthen Vessel163/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftFuture Booster Energy Capsule164/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftLarry165/182Common
Paradox RiftLuxurious Cape166/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftMela167/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftNorman168/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftParasol Lady169/182Common
Paradox RiftProfessor Sada’s Vitality170/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftProfessor Turo’s Scenario171/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftRika172/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftRoark173/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftShauntal174/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftSnorlax Doll175/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftTechnical Machine: Blindside176/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftTechnical Machine: Devolution177/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftTechnical Machine: Evolution178/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftTechnical Machine: Turbo Energize179/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftTechno Radar180/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftTulip181/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftMedical Energy182/182Uncommon
Paradox RiftCrustle183/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftDottler184/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftToedscruel185/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftMagby186/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftIron Moth187/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftSnorunt188/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftMantyke189/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftVanillish190/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftWimpod191/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftVeluza192/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftPlusle193/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftMinun194/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftBlitzle195/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftJoltik196/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftEspathra197/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftGimmighoul198/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftGroudon199/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftMienshao200/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftMinior201/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftGarganacl202/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftSlither Wing203/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftGarbodor204/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftYveltal205/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftMorpeko206/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftBrute Bonnet207/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftSteelix208/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftFerrothorn209/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftAegislash210/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftAipom211/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftLoudred212/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftSwablu213/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftPorygon-Z214/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftCyclizar215/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftIron Jugulis216/182Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftFroslass ex217/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftArmarouge ex218/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftGarchomp ex219/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftTsareena ex220/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftGolisopod ex221/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftTapu Koko ex222/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftIron Hands ex223/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftCofagrigus ex224/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftIron Valiant ex225/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftHoopa ex226/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftToxtricity ex227/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftSandy Shocks ex228/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftRoaring Moon ex229/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftAegislash ex230/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftGholdengo ex231/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftAltaria ex232/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftMaushold ex233/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftBombirdier ex234/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftLarry235/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftMela236/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftNorman237/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftParasol Lady238/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftProfessor Sada’s Vitality239/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftProfessor Turo’s Scenario240/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftRika241/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftRoark242/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftShauntal243/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftTulip244/182Ultra Rare
Paradox RiftGarchomp ex245/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftGolisopod ex246/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftTapu Koko ex247/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftIron Hands ex248/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftIron Valiant ex249/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftSandy Shocks ex250/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftRoaring Moon ex251/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftGholdengo ex252/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftAltaria ex253/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftMela254/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftParasol Lady255/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftProfessor Sada’s Vitality256/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftProfessor Turo’s Scenario257/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftRika258/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftTulip259/182Special Illustration Rare
Paradox RiftGarchomp ex260/182Hyper Rare
Paradox RiftIron Valiant ex261/182Hyper Rare
Paradox RiftRoaring Moon ex262/182Hyper Rare
Paradox RiftBeach Court263/182Hyper Rare
Paradox RiftCounter Catcher264/182Hyper Rare
Paradox RiftLuxurious Cape265/182Hyper Rare
Paradox RiftReversal Energy266/182Hyper Rare

Paradox Rift Pack Arts

In terms of pack arts, you can find 4 different art styles when opening some Paradox Rift products.

Armarouge Pack Art
Armarouge Pack Art
Garchomp Pack Art
Garchomp Pack Art
Iron Valiant Pack Art
Iron Valiant Pack Art
Roaring Moon Pack Art
Roaring Moon Pack Art

Card Type Breakdown and Statistics of Paradox Rift Set

In case you want more information & Statistics on the cards in pokemon Paradox Rift set i got you covered. You can find all the information in the table below.

Card TypeQuantity
Common Cards77
Uncommon Cards58
Rare Cards27
Double Rare Cards20
Illustration Rare Cards34
Ultra Rare Cards28
Special Illustration Rare Cards15
Hyper Rare Gold Cards7

Paradox Rift Pack Pull Rates

Compared to other scarlet and violet sets, the paradox rift completion process is very similar to Paldea Evolved. With 80+ secret cards to collect. This makes paradox rift one of the hardest modern pokemon sets to have a complete master set.

Below you can find the amount of packs it takes to pull each card type in the Pokemon Paradox Rift set.

Type of CardAmount Of Packs To Pull
Double Rare Card1/7
Ultra Rare Card1/15
Illustration Rare Card1/12
Special Illustration Rare Card1/31
Hyper Rare (Gold) Card1/51

Final Notes on Paradox Rift

Pokemon Paradox Rift set taking the playable card game in a new, and somewhat familiar “Battle style”.

We are introduced to the future and ancient pokemons and their unique playstyle. This as a set creates much more play options and makes playing the pokemon card game more varied.

The Paradox Rift Set got a great mix of new game mechanics and a bunch on cool looking cards to collect. This makes it one of the more important scarlet and violet sets to be released, Impacting both the collectable aspect and the card game meta.