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Pokemon Mini Tins

There are currently 11 kinds of Pokemon Mini Tins sets you can get.

What is inside Each Pokemon Mini Tin?
In every mini tin you can find:
– 2 Pokemon trading card packs.
– 1 Pokemon plastic coin.
– A code for the pokemon trading card game online (Pokemon TCGO).
– Mini poster card piece (1/5) just like the art on the Mini Tin, And on the other side of the card there is information about the pokemon featured on the tin.

Each one of these sets is made from 5 different tins, that together combine into one picture from the pokemon world.

Note: The only mini tins set exception so far is the pokemon Celebrations mini tins set, with a total of 8 mini tins and special pack arrangement.

The Crown Zenith Mini Tins have replaced the coin with a small sticker image of the art from the front cover.

Unlike other Mini tins, The outer edges of the pokemon shining fates mini tins have a black and yellow design pattern that is fetured on the info cards included and also on the tins themselfs.

The Shining Fates Mini Tins have 2 packs from the shining fates set, a coin and info card feturing that specific pokemon on the box.

What’s inside the Pokemon Celebrations Mini Tins:

  • 2 packs of the pokemon celebrations packs (each has 4 cards)
  • 1 extra pokemon pack (probebly from the sword and shield era)
  • pokemon coin
  • A card art with information feturing the specific pokemons on the mini tins.

The pokemon 151 (Scarlet & Violet 151) Mini Tins got some of the coolest coins you can collect, the new energy coins!
Plus, this Mini Tins set is the largest ever to be released so far, with 10 different variations to collect.

Pokemon 151 Energy Coins