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Pokeball Tins

Pokeball tins are a product made by the Pokemon company since 2018.

In every Pokeball tin you can find:
1) Assorted of 3 Pokemon TCG packs.
2) One plastic coin.
3) A code for the online game (Pokemon trading card game online).

As of Early 2024 there are 11 kinds of Pokemon Pokeball tins you can collect:

*The Pokeball tins are really good display pieces, especially on a Pokemon collection shelf.

Usually every half a year there is a new version coming out, that introduces a new Pokeball tin to the collection.

Pokeball Tin Contents By Version:

After getting many pokeball tins for myself, I oppenrd them to locate specific packs related to their code under the pokeball tin. This test was unsuccsessful because the pokemon company changes the packs inside the pokeball tins depends on the available packs they have at the moment.

List of Every Pokeball Tin

  • Lure Ball Tin
  • Love Ball Tin
  • Level Ball Tin
  • Quick Ball Tin
  • Dusk Ball Tin
  • Luxury Ball Tin
  • Dive Ball Tin
  • Premier Ball Tin
  • Ultra Ball Tin
  • Great Ball Tin
  • Poké Ball Tin

If you want to collect all the pokeball tins to yourself it may take you some time to locate and buy them (especially the older version ones), note to yourself that there is the possibility of returning pokeball tins to the market later on.