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Pokemon Tins

There are several kinds of pokemon TCG tin products out there, from regular versions to special editions or limited version products.

Select your preferred Category below, and you can get to the dedicated page featuring a full list of every Pokemon tin product ever made.

Tips for Buying Pokemon Tins

Some of the Pokemon tins have been growing in popularity very fast, and that’s because of their promotional cards in the boxes, and their collectable potential over time.

If you are looking to buy and collect Pokemon tins, I made a quick tip selection for each category below.

For people who are looking to buy Pokeball tins:

  1. Check if you can get them from local stores, due to the fact that almost 50% of the time when ordering them online, they will arrive a little dented.
  2. Some of the older ones are more rare than others.
  3. There is a some way to know what packs you get inside Pokeball tins and that’s related to the code name beneath the ball which indicates the year it was made.

Tips for buying Pokemon Mini Tins:

  1. They are relatively new and cheap, so get them before they become rare.
  2. Each set is made of 5 or more different pieces, so ordering random ones online can be a waste of money, try to pick and get them from local stores.
  3. There are 2 new versions every year.

Tips for the Pokemon collector chests tins:

  1. Buying empty collectors tins can be much cheaper than hunting sealed products.
  2. The best way is to get one when a new version is coming out / pre-order them.
  3. Their price value is mostly effected by the promo cards and the package selection inside.

For the regular Pokemon tin collectors:

  1. There are tons and tons of tins out there, so be prepared for an impossible mission.
  2. Finding a sealed tin is much harder than and empty one.
  3. They are very popular for storing Pokemon cards inside.