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Pokemon White and Green Online Codes

What Pokemon Codes Are Used For?

Pokemon codes are used to get free products in the online Pokemon game.
Each code can get you a digital pack of the same version.

Is There a Value to Pokemon Online Codes

Most of the codes have little to no value, they are cheap and very accessible to get.

When a new Pokemon set is out, and it has some competitive value in the online games, it may cause the code cards of that set to raise a little bit in value.

What Are White Pokemon Codes

Pokemon Online White Code Card
Pokemon Online White Code Card

A white Pokemon code can mean many different things depending on the product it came from, it can contain a digital version of a single package (10 cards), or it can be something like a promotional promo code from a certain product.

There are more “biffier” white codes out there like:

  • A white code from elite trainer boxes, that will contain a cosmetic in game sleeves + any promotional card inside that box.
  • Or inside a Pokemon theme deck, that will have the full card list unlocked in the digital game.

What Are Green Pokemon Codes

Pokemon Online Green Code Card
Pokemon Online Green Code Card

A green code can only be from Pokemon pack opening, which means it will contain a digital version of a single package (10 cards in the game).

A real Pokemon card pack with green code, will indicate that there is no: Holo/EX/GX/V/Vmax/or something golden inside that pack, there can only be 1 reverse holographic card inside.

The only exception is the “Amazing Rares” from the set Vivid voltage that can replace the reverse hollow card place and make that green code more amazing than it used to be.

White Codes VS Green Codes in Terms of Online Rarity

The white and green codes inside packs only state what kind of physical pack it came from, they have no effect on the rarity of the digital cards they can produce.

A real Pokemon card pack with white code, will indicate that in addition to the reverse hollow card in every pack it can contain a more special card like: Holo/EX/GX/V/Vmax/Rainbow Rare/Full art/Golden.


So in conclusion a Pokemon code card can be very important to the actual rarity of real life Pokemon packs, but has no effect on the online usage in terms of importance.

Pokemon New Code Cards Black and White

Pokemon New Code Cards
New Pokemon Code Cards Black and White

As for the end of 2021 there are new pokemon code cards in every pack or product you open, these are the black and white codes.

The black Code symbolyse the potential rare pules from packs and the white one has simpler cards inside.

The new pokemon codes started with the sword and shield Fusion Strike expansion set, you can find them in every product, from blister packs to special collection boxes.