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Pokemon Theme Decks

Pokemon Theme Decks or also known as the pokemon starter decks are a pre-constructed set of cards that is ready to play right away.

Each pokemon starter deck containing 60 cards with a “Theme to them”. Some of the decks are made with single energy type in mind (1 color). And others with 2.

In Almost every pokemon main set release you can find 2 or 3 new starter decks that release to promote that specific set.

What Do You Get in Pokemon Theme Decks?

Each theme deck is different from one to another, but must of them got common contents.

You can find in pokemon theme decks:

  • Ready to play deck with 60 cards including energy, pokemon and trainers.
  • Plastic coin for flipping.
  • Cardboard sheet of damage counters and conditions.
  • Basic Game instructions how to play the game.
  • Foldable playmat for playing pokemon.
  • And in modern products 1 code for the pokemon TCG live game (online game).

What Makes Pokemon Starter Decks Good?

If you are a new player to pokemon trading card game things can get a bit overwheming at first. The main point of pokemon starter decks is to let new players into the hobby of playing pokemon with ease.

Playing the first few games with a nice starter deck can be the best possible option as a begginer. And newer pokemon theme decks got 3 levels of play, so you can pick them up and grow to play like a pro in no time.