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Pokemon Centers Around The World

Every Pokemon Center Around the World

Pokemon Centers are a chain of stores dedicated especially for the pokemon brand.

In pokemon centres you can find a variety of pokemon merchandise including:

Pokemon Trading Cards, pokemon plushies, pokemon house decor items, day to day products, keychains, pins, clothes and much more.

Pokemon Center Locations

Most of the pokemon center are located across japan, No surprise there.

After pokemon expanded across the world and became the number one franchise. Many fans were looking for a way to buy official pokemon items and products, and Nintendo delivered it in the form of Pokemon Centers. A place to buy everything and anything pokemon.

Below you can find a list of every pokemon center ever existed (or still existing) around the world:

Pokemon Center Taipei

Opened Since:December 8th 2023
Location:3F Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A11, No. 11, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
Opening Hours:11:00 – 21:30 Daily and on weekends the hours go between 11:00 – 22:00
Pokemon Center Taipei logo

The latest and newest pokemon center to open globally, Pokemon Center Taipei opened to the massive success in chinese speaking fans around Taiwan.

The store features exclusive items and the mascot is dragonite with pikachu.

Pokemon Center Okinawa

Opened Since:August 11th 2022
Location:Aeon Mall Okinawa, 1 Raikamu, Kitanakagusuku, Nakagami District, Okinawa 901-2306, Japan
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 10 pm
Pokemon Center Okinawa logo

Pokemon center okinawa is another pokemon store in Japan, featuring as a mascot the pokemon Arcanine and pikachu.

The store sells anything related to pokemon from clothing to household pokemon items and more.

Pokemon Center Kanazawa

Opened Since:November 20th 2020
Location:5F Kanazawa FORUS, 3-1 Horikawashinmachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, 920-0849
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 8 pm
Pokemon Center Kanazawa logo

Pokemon Kanazawa store launched during the second pokemon hype to great success. The store mascot is Milotic and Pikachu.

There was even a rare pokemon TCG box that was sold exclusively there to celebrate the store opening, known as the pokemon center kanazawa limited edition box.

Pokemon Center Shibuya

Opened Since:November 22nd 2019
Location:6th Floor, Shibuya PARCO, 15-1, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8377
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm, Saturday, Sunday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Pokemon Center Shibuya logo

The Pokemon Shibuya store got the popular Mew and Mewtwo as mascots, with a cool looking mewtwo in a tube at the entrance. The store had a unique pokemon card named Shibuya pikachu with graffiti style design.

Pokemon Center Osaka DX

Opened Since:September 20th 2019
Location:9th Floor, DAIMARU SHINSAIBASHI Main Building, 1-7-1, Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-8501
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 8 pm
Pokemon Center Osaka DX logo

Pokemon center Osaka DX has the three legendary birds at the front of the store. It is not the biggest pokemon store around Japan, but the quality is definitely there.

Alongside the pokemon center osaka DX you can find the very cool and refreshing pokemon cafe store, where you can eat pokemon themed foods and drink with the inclusion of a small store to buy pokemon items to decorate your kitchen.

Pokemon Center Singapore

Opened Since:April 17th 2019
Location:78 Airport Blvd., #04 – 201 & 202, Singapore 819666 (Jewel Changi Airport)
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 10 pm
Pokemon Center Singapore logo

Singapore is one of the lucky few countries to get an actual official pokemon center location.

The store is located at their busy international airport, Jewel Changi Airport. The store’s main mascot is Lapras and there is an overall water or beach vibe across the store.

Pokemon Center Tokyo DX

Opened Since:March 14th 2018
Location:Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C. East Building(5F) 2-11-2 Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0027
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10:30 am – 9 pm
Pokemon Center Tokyo DX logo

Pokemon Center Tokyo DX has a very nice store space with a huge selection of pokemon plushies. The store mascot is Pikachu, Mew and Snorlax and right in front of the DX store you have a bench for the pokemon cafe you can eat or buy souvenirs from.

Pokemon Center Skytree Town

Opened Since:July 6th 2016
Location:Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN Solamachi East Yard 4F, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0045
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 9 pm
Pokemon Center Skytree Town logo

Pokemon Center Skytree Town Located nearby the skytree building in tokyo. This pokemon store got one of the coolest statue mascots in the form of Rayquaza and Mega Rayquaza, breaching from the shop ceiling.

Pokemon Center Kyoto

Opened Since:March 16th 2016
Location:KYOTO Economy Center SUINA-MUROMACHI 2F, 78 Higashi Iru Hakoyahokomachi, Muromachi, Shijo-dori, Shimogyou-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8009
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 8 pm
Pokemon Center Kyoto logo

The Pokemon Center Kyoto Shop has a very special atmosphere to it. The 2 Main mascots are Ho-Oh and Lugia from the gold and silver video games. The games were heavily inspired by Japanese culture, and Kyoto especially.

You can find many exclusive pokemon items and merchandise that can only be found in the Kyoto pokemon store.

Pokemon Center Hiroshima

Opened Since:June 26th 2015
Location:6-27 Moto-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-8501
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 7:30 pm
Pokemon Center Hiroshima logo

Pokemon Center Hiroshima got a shiny red Gyarados as the main store mascot , and you can even spot some Magikarp around the interior.

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Opened Since:December 12th 2012
Location:Sunshine City alpa 2F 3-1-2 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-6002
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 8 pm
Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo logo

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo is the flag store for pokemon. This is the biggest and most impressive pokemon center across the world due to the sheer size and options around.

Except for the Pokemon center you can find in the area a pikachu sweets store by the pokemon cafe and grab something to snack.

Pokemon card station which is a place to host events and learn how to play pokemon trading card game. And finally a unique pokemon GO lab, where you can meet with GO players, participate in game battle events and buy pokemon go merchandise.

Truly the ultimate pokemon center store location (Highly recommended!)

Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay

Opened Since:November 22nd 2013
Location:Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport TOKYO-BAY West Wing 2F 2-1-1 Hama-cho, Funabashi, Chiba 273-8530
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday 10 am – 8:00 pm, Saturday, Sunday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay logo

Tokyo Bay Pokemon Center is another store located in Tokyo. The shop mascots are made from a trio: Chespin, Pikachu and extra rotating pokemon (changes with every store decoration or game generation).

Pretty standart pokemon shop with an inclusion of a pokemon card station to learn how to play the TCG.

Pokemon Center Tohoku

Opened Since:December 4th 2011
Location:Sendai PARCO 8F 1-2-3 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 980-8484
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 8:30 pm
Pokemon Center Tohoku logo

Pokemon Center Tohoku is another pokemon store located in the northern part of Japan. With a lucky pokemon mascot of Victini, Pikachu and extra rotating grass pokemon.

Pokemon Center Sapporo

Opened Since:July 1st 2005
Location:Daimaru Sapporo Store 8F Kita 5 jo Nishi 4-7, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, 060-0005
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 8 pm
Pokemon Center Sapporo logo

Sapporo pokemon store is located right next to the JR Sapporo Station. This is one of the northest stores in Japan located in the Hokkaido Region.

The store mascot is Alolan Vulpix, Pikachu and extra rotating water pokemon. In the past it was running as a pop-up pokemon shop but since then gained enough customers to make it an official pokemon center store.

Pokemon Center Yokohama

Opened Since:March 5th 2005
Location:8F MARUI City Yokohama, 2-19-12 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi 220-0011
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10:30 am – 8:30 pm
Pokemon Center Yokohama logo

Located right next to the JR Yokohama Station, the Pokemon Center Yokohama got a Legendary Kyogre Statue hanging from above and the store itself got a nice variety of pokemon products to get.

The store mascots are Turtwig, Pikachu and extra rotating water pokemon (due to the city’s proximity to the sea).

Pokemon Center Fukuoka

Opened Since:November 1st 2003
Location:AMU PLAZA, JR Hakata City 8F 1-1, Hakataekichuogai, Hakata-ku,Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 812-0012
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 8 pm
Pokemon Center Fukuoka logo

The Pokemon Center Fukuoka is a relatively small pokemon center compared to others. The mascots are Torchic, Pikachu and extra rotating grass pokemon.

Pokemon Center Nagoya

Opened Since:October 11th 2002
Location:Matsuzakaya Main Building 5F 3-16-1, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 460-8430
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 7 pm
Pokemon Center Nagoya logo

Nagoya Pokemon Store is another small sized shop. The store moved location sometime in the past and there is an overall nice mix of pokemon items to get regardless of its size.

The store mascots are Chikorita, Pikachu and Rotating Starter Pokemon.

After 2013 The store space got a bit of extra love with the addition of the pokemon card station to host pokemon TCG events and learning sessions.

Pokemon Center Osaka

Opened Since:November 14th 1998
Location:Daimaru Umeda Store 13F 3-1-1, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, 530-8202
Opening Hours:Everyday Between 10 am – 8 pm
Pokemon Center Osaka New logo

Pokemon Center Osaka is one of the oldest pokemon centres in Japan (and the world in general). The shop moved in 2010 from Umeda Center Building to its nearby current location.

The store is very open and it seems like several pokemon booths compared to a closed store structure. The mascots used to be Meowth, Pikachu and extra pokemon. But the new design changed it to Koraidon and Pikachu.

Regardless there are so many fun stores to explore in the area so you will never get bored of this location.

Pokemon Center New York

Operating Dates:November 16th 2001 – January 2005 (Technically still running as the Nintendo World Store)
Location:10 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020, United States
Opening Hours:All week between 10 am to 5-8 pm depending on the day
Pokemon Center New York logo

Pokemon center NY opened a couple of years after the pokemon boom, and sold everything related to pokemon with a big focus on the video game experience and trading card games.

The store was rebranded as the Nintendo World Store, standing in the exact same place and featuring over 10,000 square foot and 2 floors of pokemon and nintendo goodies.

The change was made to adapt to the rising popularity of other Nintendo franchises such as the Legend of Zelda and Mario.

Following the grand success of pokemon sales, in February 2016 pokemon center Online was launched to deliver pokemon items across america.

Pokemon Center Tokyo

Operating Dates:April 25th 1998 – July 16th 2007
Original Location:Kawasaki Sadanori Building Annex 3-2-5 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Original Pokemon Center Tokyo 1998 logo

The original and first pokemon center to open was a shining example of how far nintendo was aiming to go with pokemon.

Opening a chain store for their new franchise showed fans that pokemon might be bigger than just an anime show.

The store sold everything related to pokemon from cards, plush, toys, decorative items and video games.

After almost 9 years, in July 20th 2007 the pokemon center tokyo moved a location to a brand new place:

Newer Location:105-0022 Tokyo, Minato City, Kaigan, 1 Chome-2-3 Shiodome Shiba Rikyu Building 21st floor

The store was open for another 7 years, and shut down the bench on December 7th 2014. Making it the longest running pokemon center store for over 15 years. (April 25th 1998 – December 7th 2014).

Temporary Pokemon Center Locations

Also Known as pop-up pokemon stores, these are temporary pokemon shops that run for a limited time due to huge upcoming events or official pokemon tournaments.

Pokemon Center London

Operating Dates:October 18th 2019 – November 15th 2019
Location:Ariel Way, Shepherd’s Bush, London, W12 7GF
Pokemon Center London logo

The pokemon center in london was a huge success running as a store for a bit less then a month. The store opened to celebrate the new pokemon sword and shield games, which were heavily inspired by the UK landscape and culture.

Following the closure of the store, the pokemon company saw the massive crowds and the demand for pokemon in the UK and created an official pokemon center online store for the UK.

Pokemon Center Paris

Operating Dates:June 4th 2014 –  June 21st 2014
Location:Crémerie de Paris (Hôtel de Villeroy), 11-15, rue des Halles – angle 9, rue des Déchargeurs 75001

Running only for 17 days, pokemon center paris was a gallery style pokemon store that features art pieces from the pokemon X and Y games.

You could purchase some pokemon items, nicknacks, cards and enjoy the overall gallery artworks.

Pokemon Centers at World Championships

Operating Dates:During pokemon championship events.
Location:Vary, with the tournament location.
Pokemon World Championship logo

Pokemon Championships Centers are the most common “pop-up” pokemon stores. In every official pokemon championship event you will find an official pokemon store that sells exclusive and rare pokemon items especially for the event.

The merchandise of pokemon championships are sold to participating players, media influencers and participating crowds.

Most of the pokemon items sold there are marked with a unique stamp or design that was made for the year event.

My Overview and Summary of Pokemon Centers Around The World

As a long time pokemon fan i had the privilege to see the pokemon franchise grow and evolve to the way it is nowadays. Throughout my travels around the world I physically visited at least 6 pokemon centres and even a pokemon cafe.

Going to one of these stores as a fan is absolutely one of the best and enjoyable experiences you can do during your visits to the pokemon center locations.

My tip to you guys will be to look out for exclusive pokemon center items and get them if you can, they always preserve a high value for collectors and pokemon fans across the world.


What was the first pokemon center store?

Opening in April 1998 Tokyo pokemon center was the first branch location of pokemon center.

What countries got an official pokemon center shop?

Japan, United States, Singapore and Taiwan.

How Many Pokemon Centers Are There Around the World?

There are currently 18 different pokemon centres that are open to visit, most of them are  located across Japan.