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Shiny Pokemon Cards

What are Shiny Pokemon Cards?

The shiny pokemon cards are a different colored version of a pokemon, for example a charizard main color is usually red but a shiny charizard will be black.

The shiny pokemon cards have gained popularity due to their shiny gleaming nature and their deluxe rarity nature, in past pokemon video games you will be able to encounter a shiny version of pokemon in rare occasions.

The first game to feature shiny pokemons is the gold and silver franchise (second generation), which was released on November 21,1999 to massive positive acclaim.

The First Shiny Pokemon Cards

The First Shiny Pokemon
The First Shiny Pokemon Cards

The first shiny pokemon cards that have been revealed to the world are from the set Neo Revelation released in the year 2001, the cards are shining magikarp and shining gyarados, both are considered to be secret rares with high potential value.

Since then the pokemon TCG game has grown and evolved, and new possibilities for shiny pokemon cards have appeared.

Shiny Pokemon Cards in Sets

Even since the first shiny pokemons appeared, we have seen many forms of shiny pokemon cards in sets.

There are special holiday sets that became an instant hit over the past several years, we are talking about Hidden Fates and Shining Fates.

Each of the special pokemon sets have a relatively small set list containing around 70 cards to collect, but the real special set is just beyond these numbers.

With every pack you will have the chance to pull one of many shiny pokemon cards that are texturized and shiny, exclusive to that set.

The pokemon shiny cards have been sought after for many pokemon card collectors, trying to complete the secret pokemon set.

Hidden Fates 

Released in the year 2019, the hidden fates set contains 68 cards, 1 secret rare and a total of 94 shiny pokemon cards and trainers to collect.

The pre-evolved pokemons are also known as shiny babies, they are the majority of the shiny card set and they became iconic to the holiday sets, in the Hidden Fates holliday set you can find 45 different baby shiny pokemon to collect.

Shining Fates

Released in the year 2021, the shining fates set contains 72 cards 1 secret rare like the previous set, and 122 shiny pokemon cards and trainers to collect.

Shining fates expanded the idea of secret shiny pokemon cards and also got praised from fans.

the total shiny baby cards to collect in this set is 104, making the hunt for every card much more challenging and expansive.

Are Shiny Pokemon Cards Worth Money?

As any other pokemon set, there are several factors to determine a pokemon card value:

Time – how old is the set and card we are talking about, vintage or newly introduced sets tend to go high in price.

Scarcity – how many copies of the card have been opened from packs, the more copies of a card that are out there the cheaper and affordable it should be.

Condition – When a card is kept in an optimal and protected way, in sleeves and binders it will be in better condition over the years, also the centering and the edges of the cards when pulled for the first time play a big role in its future value.

Popularity – There are certain pokemon cards that will be more popular than others, due to their artstyle, featured pokemon or general fan base.

Pokemon Cards That Are Worth Money

If you have some of the basic iconic shiny pokemons in your collection, they will probably be worth more than others.

keep a lookout for charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur they are the original starter trio, and they have plenty of fans that would love to collect them. Also, pikachu and eevee cards tend to gain more value over the years, because they are iconic and cute.

Other popular mansions: mewtwo, mew, gyarados, greninja, any eevee evolution, dragonite, rayquaza

And the pokemon card with the highest value over the years (old and new sets alike), we are talking about charizzard of course, this fire breathing red lizard holds the highest value per pokemon card. So if you own one make sure to protect it well.

The future of shiny pokemon cards in the TCG looks brighter than ever, every new holliday set is very popular and ever expanding.

If you are looking to buy some shiny pokemon cards with good prices, you can use the links below to get to Amazon and grab a lovely deal for yourself.