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Pokemon Radiant Cards – The Complete List

Pokemon Radiant Cards were first introduced to us in the Astral Radiance set, they have a unique holographic pattern (similar to x pattern) and as for playability aspect you may use only 1 of them in your deck while playing.

All the pokemons on the radiant cards are shiny pokemon, so they will sparkle and have a little bit of texture on them.

List of Every Pokemon Radiant Card

There are a total of 16 radiant pokemon cards available to collect, below you can see the full list of every radiant pokemon you can collect:

Pokemon SetPokemon NameSet NumberPoekmon Type
Astral RadianceRadiant Heatran027/189Fire
Astral RadianceRadiant Greninja046/189Water
Astral RadianceRadiant Hawlucha081/189Fighting
Pokémon GORadiant Venusaur004/078Grass
Pokémon GORadiant Charizard011/078Fire
Pokémon GORadiant Blastoise018/078Water
SWSH Black Star PromosRadiant EeveeSWSH230Normal
Lost OriginRadiant Gardevoir069/196Psychic
Lost OriginRadiant Hisuian Sneasler123/196Dark
Lost OriginRadiant Steelix124/196Metal
Silver TempestRadiant Tsareena016/195Grass
Silver TempestRadiant Alakazam059/195Psychic
Silver TempestRadiant Jirachi120/195Metal
Crown ZenithRadiant Charizard020/159Fire
Crown ZenithRadiant Charjabug051/159Lightning
Crown ZenithRadiant Eternatus105/159Dragon

Pokemon Radiant Design and Playability

Radiant Charizard Card
Image of Radiant Charizard From Pokemon GO

Each radiant pokemon will always be a basic pokemon, so you can play with it as you please. Due to their strong and unique abilities you may only put 1 radiant pokemon in your playable deck.

As far as design goes, the radiant cards have a slight visible texture on the cards that gives them a prestigious feeling, the holo pattern is very similar to pixelated in the shape of an X.

Overall, they are a nice addition to the pokemon card designs.

How To Get Pokemon Radiant Cards

Except for the pokemon radiant Eevee that you get in a special collection box, the rest of the pokemon radiant cards are available to get in various pokemon sets (Astral Radiance, Pokémon GO, Lost Origin, Silver Tempest, Crown Zenith).

When opening a pokemon pack of the selected sets mentioned above you have the chance to get a radiant card. The pokemon Radiant cards are replacing the spot of which you can get a reverse holo card, and in terms of pull rate statistics they are easy to get.

In sealed booster boxes of Astral radiance, Lost Origin and Silver Tempest you can expect to pull between 2-3 radiant cards per box.


How many radiant pokemon can you play with?

You can only place 1 radiant pokemon in each playable deck.

Are radiant pokemon cards Rare?

Nope, on average you will be able to pull between 2-3 radiant pokemons in every booster box you open.

Can you place radiant pokemon of each kind in one deck?

No, you can only pick 1 radiant pokemon that will be playable in each deck.