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UltraPro VS Dragon Shield Sleeves

Choosing between UltraPro VS Dragon Shield Sleeves can be an important decision to make as a card collector, there are several steps to determine which brand is suitable for your card collection and we will go over them below.

UltraPro VS Dragon Shield Sleeves
UltraPro VS Dragon Shield Sleeves

UltraPro and Dragon Shield Sleeve Sizes and Differences

The sleeve sizes are verified on the type, but the standard penny sleeves have set sizes especially for varied card collections.

UltraPro Soft Card Sleeves Size:

2.5 Inch (Width) x 3.5 Inch (Hight) – (63.5mm x 88.9mm)

Comes in a pack of 100 pisces

The ultrapro sleeves are soft and transparent with a smooth design, cheap and versatile, but a bit flimsy and flexible.

Dragon Shield Clear Matte Sleeves Size:

2.5 Inch (Width) x 3.5 Inch (Hight) – (63mm x 88mm)

Comes in a pack of 100 pisces

The Dragon shield matte clear sleeves are sturdy and clear, on the back side they are a bit rigid and make for double the protection compared to ultrapro penny sleeves.

Good for Which Card Game

Both ultrapro and dragon shield are great choice for the card games below:

Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering, Digimon card game

In the table below you can see the different card games and their sizes:

Franchise:Card sizes:
Pokemon2.5 Inch (Width) x 3.5 Inch (Hight)
Yu-gi-oh!2.25 Inch (Width) x 3.25 Inch (Hight)
Magic The Gathering2.5 Inch (Width) x 3.5 Inch (Hight)
Dragon Ball Super2.5 Inch (Width) x 3.5 Inch (Hight)
Digimon2.5 Inch (Width) x 3.5 Inch (Hight)

If you noticed the standard size for Trading card game is 2.5×3.5 Inches, the only exception is yugioh which fit for the sleeves but leaves a space on the sides and top.

To get the right smaller size sleeves for the yu-gi-oh card game you will have to use the perfect fit sleeves that are offered by both ultrapro (Pro-Fit Sleeves) and dragon shield (Dragon Shield Perfect Fit).

You can use the links below to get the perfect fit sleeves:

Card Sleeves Costs

The average cost of card sleeves are relatively cheap.

You can find ultrapro sleeves for around 3-5$ a piece and a dragon shield ones for 10-12$

Long Term Implications to Remember

The more cards in your collection = the more sleeves you need to get.

Picking between ultrapro and dragon shield can be a choice of price for the long run, or general products protection.

Because the sleeves are the same overall size you can use them in several products with ease.

Note that some card binders (mostly the older ones) do not have enough space to store the cards with a sleeve!

Closing Comments on UltraPro VS Dragon Shield Sleeves

Choosing the sleeves may have a factor on which card binders you want to own, or the type of card collection you already have.

The dragon shield brand is obviously more compatible with the dragon shield sleeves and the ultrapro sleeves have the same effect with their own products.

Both companies are a great pick for card collectors, they have decades of experience and they will continue to support their products and improve the quality.

Card Sleeves are an essential protection product for your collection, Hopefully now you can decide what are the best card sleeves to buy for your collection.

You can get your ultrapro and dragon shield products in the links below: