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The Best Products to Protect Pokemon Cards

    Pokemon Card Sleeves

    When collecting and storing pokemon cards, there are several ways to make sure they stay in the perfect condition possible.

    I manage a huge Pokemon collection and I use every kind of protection possible in the market to make sure my cards will retain value over the years.

    I will list for you the top products to protect your cards + easy links to get them with deals:

    Pokemon Card Sleeves:

    Pokemon Card Sleeves
    Pokemon Ultrapro Sleeves

    A Pokemon card can bend, scratch, get dirty or even absorb moisture. To slow down the process and protect him for long it is highly recommended to get some card sleeves in check for every pack opening.

    Even for pokemon players in tournaments it is a basic thing to store their deck in sleeves, so they will not scratch and retain value and playability.

    I am a big fan of the Ultra pro protective gear, and I have used their sleeves for years, so I can easily recommend you to pick some (Linked below).

    Protect Pokemon Cards with Binders:

    Pokemon Card Binders
    Pokemon Ultrapro Binders

    Now that you have some cards protected by sleeves you probably want to organize and display them in a great accessible way.

    Pokemon binders are the optimal way to browse your collection and also protect the cards for years on end, a card protected by sleeve inside a binder will be in tip-top shape even in decades from now.

    I highly recommend you to get some cool Pokemon binders and get your collection to the next level:

    Protect Pokemon Cards with Top Loaders:

    Pokemon Card Toploaders
    Pokemon Ultrapro Toploaders

    The Final aspect to protect your Pokemon cards is to make sure the very expensive cards have the best protection they can get.

    The Ultrapro Toploaders serve several things:

    • protecting your cards in a semi-hard plastic case.
    • preparing the cards inside top loaders for shipment.

    Pokemon cards in Top loaders can be sent to rating companies like BGS,PSA the case makes sure the card stays in top condition before the rating and that he can survive the shipping journey.

    I can advise you to hold on to several top loaders in case you want to display, sale or protect the expensive cards in the best way possible.


    Collect and protect your pokemon cards for the future, they may be very expansive and they should be protected as much as possible, to maximize their value.