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Pokemon Amiibo

Pokemon Amiibo are physical figurines of Pokémon characters that can be used in various Nintendo games. They were first released in 2014 and have since become popular among pokemon collectors and fans alike. 

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For those of you who don’t know, amiibos can be scanned in several Nintendo games to unlock extra features:

  • Unlocking special content: Some Pokémon games allow players to unlock special content, such as new items or costumes, by using Pokémon Amiibo.
  • Training Pokémon: Some Pokémon games allow players to train their Pokémon by using Pokémon Amiibo.
  • Playing mini-games: Some Pokémon games include mini-games that can be played using Pokémon Amiibo.

Types of Pokemon Amiibo

There are over 13 different types of Pokémon Amiibo available, each representing a different Pokémon character. Some of the most popular Pokémon Amiibo include Pikachu, Charizard, and greninja.

Many of the chosen pokemon amiibos are actually playable characters from the highly popular video game series, Super Smash Bros.

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List of Every Pokemon Amiibo

All the pokemon amiibos arrived as figurines you can buy in stores, Except for the shadow mewtwo. To get him you had to buy a copy of the Pokkén Tournament game for the WiiU and get a special amiibo card you could scan.

Below you can find every pokemon amiibo characters ever released by release date order with images:

Pokemon AmiiboRelease DateImage
PikachuNovember 21, 2014amiibo pikachu
LucarioFebruary 1, 2015amiibo lucario
JigglypuffMay 29, 2015amiibo jigglypuff
GreninjaMay 29, 2015amiibo greninja
CharizardMay 29, 2015amiibo charizard
MewtwoNovember 13, 2015amiibo mewtwo
Shadow Mewtwo (Pokkén Tournament)March 18, 2016amiibo Shadow Mewtwo
Detective PikachuMarch 23, 2018amiibo detective pikachu
PichuJuly 26, 2019amiibo pichu
Pokémon TrainerJuly 26, 2019amiibo pokemon trainer
SquirtleSeptember 20, 2019amiibo squirtle
IvysaurSeptember 20, 2019amiibo ivysaur
IncineroarNovember 15, 2019amiibo incineroar

Keep Amiibos Sealed or Opened?

Like any other collectible, once you open the original amiibo box it will definitely lose value. If you wondered about whether you should Keep Amiibos Sealed or Opened you have some questions below you can ask yourself to get to the best solution.

Do You Like to Play With the Amiibos? 

If you are about to play with them as figurines or in video games you will definitely have to open the original box. Keep in mind that not all pokemon amiibos work in every single game, so check it before.

Just a Piece of Decoration?

If you want to keep them on a shelf and just look at them then keep them sealed. You can see very clearly the figurine inside the box and that way it will even prevent it from gathering dust inside.

Investment or Part of a Bigger Collection?

In case you are planning on selling the amiibo in the future as an investment make sure to handle it with care. keep it safe and clean so it will preserve its value to the max.

Also if the amiibo is part of a complete collection think twice if you want to break one of them sealed and ruin the value of the entire set as a sealed investment.


Amiibo toys are a great way for collectors and fans to interact with their favourite video games in a new way. With over 100 different types of Amiibos to collect, there is something for everyone.

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Pro Amiibo Tip!

Take care of your Amiibo. Pokémon Amiibo are collectibles, so it is important to take care of them for the future. Store them in a cool, dry place and keep them clean if possible. And most importantly, Enjoy your Pokémon Amiibo collection either as decoration or a toy!