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Pokemon Wand Company Pokeballs

What are Wand Company Pokeballs

The Pokemon Wand Company Pokeballs are a prestige collectable item in the shape of a pokeball. There are several unique versions you can get and display in your collection.

The balls are manufactured by the wand company and they are an official pokemon collectible, each one has a unique serial number at the bottom of it to mark it’s authenticity.

Wand Company Realistic Pokeballs

Each pokeball by the wand company contain:

  • A highly accurate replica of the original pokeball from great quality material.
  • Touch and proximity-sensing that illuminate the ball when touched or getting close to it.
  • A metallic display case with inner light and the name of the ball on it.
  • Small display ring to stand the ball outside of the original box.
  • Each box comes with 3 triple A batteries inserted into the box.

To put it short, it is a high quality die-cast replica of pokeballs, a pretty expensive looking collectable item, and at the same time super cool to own.

List of every Pokemon Wand Company Pokeball Ever Released

As for Early 2024 there are a total of 14 Pokemon Wand Company Pokeballs you can buy and collect.

Below you can find a list of every single version and their original release date:

Name of BallRelease DateImage
Poké Ball27th February 2021Wand Company Poke Ball
Great Ball1st May 2021Wand Company Great Ball
Ultra Ball1st September 2021Wand Company Ultra Ball
Dusk Ball22nd October 2021Wand Company Dusk Ball
Premier Ball29th November 2021Wand Company Premier Ball
Heal Ball1st February 2022Wand Company Heal Ball
Master Ball25th April 2022Wand Company Master Ball
Friend Ball25th July 2022Wand Company Friend Ball
Quick Ball08 September 2022Wand Company Quick Ball
Cherish Ball01 November 2022Wand Company Cherish Ball
Love Ball10 January 2023Wand Company Love Ball
Dive Ball08 May 2023wand company dive ball
Net Ball09 August 2023Wand Company Net Ball
Luxury Ball01 November 2023Wand Company Luxury Ball

Who Are They Good For

There are many kinds of pokeballs you can collect, the pokemon pokeball tins are a good replacement as cheaper options. But if you are looking for the best of the best, the premium quality for your display area, then the Pokemon Wand Company Pokeballs are the ones for you.

They are both premium collectable items and a cool looking item that any pokemon fan would love to get their hands on.

Bottom line, if you love pokemon and luxury collectable items and you have the funds, then this is the best pokeball display item you can find online.

What is the Best Place to Get Wand Company Pokeballs

Due to their premium collectability and high demand, the Realistic pokeballs are not always easy to find.

If you get lucky you can grab them straight from the official wand company website or the other main option is to get them straight from other online retailers.

I get them from amazon because on occasions they go on sale for the original MSRP release price or even lower like Black Friday Pokemon deals and special prime days.

Below you can use the button to get the Pokemon Wand Company Pokeballs straight from amazon.