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Pokemon Celebrations Dark Sylveon V Review

    Dark Sylveon V Collection

    Pokemon Collection Box Information:

    Release Date: October 10, 2021

    MSRP pricing: $20

    The Dark Sylveon V box is one of the earliest product releases of Celebrations, This pokemon collection features the Dark type TCG pokemon as a highlight for the pokemon card history.

    The first appearance of dark pokemons was in the Team Rocket expansion back in 2000, and this sylveon box is here to celebrate this era with the new pokemon V mechanics combined.

    What You Get Inside the Celebrations Dark Sylveon V Collection

    Dark Sylveon V Collection
    Pokemon Celebrations Dark Sylveon V Collection
    Dark Sylveon V Box Contents
    Dark Sylveon V Box Back

    You will find inside the collection 4 Pokemon celebration packs.

    2 additional Pokemon TCG packs from recent packs, in my opening I got 1 pack of Darkness Ablaze and 1 pack of Battle Styles.

    You will have inside a promo card of Dark Sylveon V (SWSH134)

    Jumbo card of the same stats for display.

    Pokemon TCG history page, explaining the evolution of the Dark themed pokemons.

    And a code card to claim in the pokemon Trading card game online.

    Below you can check my personal Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Collection Dark Sylveon V Unboxing.

    Should You Open the Celebrations Dark Sylveon V Box or Keep it Sealed?

    After opening the product for myself I can say that the collection is a very fun experience. You have several different packs inside and also a nice promo card to own.

    On the other hand, this collection’s appearance is very good looking on a shelf, which makes it a good pokemon collection to keep sealed for display and also for future profit.

    As one of the several new pokemon products for celebrations set, the Sylveon V Collection is a sweet and affordable collection to own.

    If you are looking to buy this collection for yourself, or any other pokemon celebration products, you can use the link below and support this website while doing so.