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Shadowless Pokemon Cards

Shadowless Cards Sets

Shadowless pokemon cards have been running in only one version of the pokemon trading card game, the original set – base set.

The shadowless print run has been occurring after the 1st edition card prints and before the unlimited print run.

Pokemon Shadowless Card Compared to Regular Card

The main features that separate shadowless cards from normal ones are the yellow borders surrounding the card.

Usually the yellow borders will have a slight shadow coming from them (in every pokemon base set available), but a shadowless card will have no shadow coming from the yellow borders.

You will be able to see the examples and the differences between all base set pokemon cards below , the left pokemon card is a first edition card, the middle one is shadowless pokemon card and the right one is a unlimited pokemon card, of the same kind.

All the Charizard cards have the same text and mechanics, although printed in different cycles and marked slightly different than each other.

Differences of Base Set Cards
Every Difference Base Set Charizard Card

Error Pokemon Cards

Even a shadowless card that is considered on its own an error card, has special cases and it can have some minor errors that makes it even more unique.

Large borders, text misprints or problems with the holographic pattern can lead to uneven pokemon cards, and create a one of a kind special shadowless card.

Top Most Expensive Shadowless Cards

Some of the top most expensive shadowless pokemon cards you can get out there, check the top 5 most expensive shadowless pokemon cards:

  • 1 – Charizard 4/102
  • 2 – Blastoise 2/102
  • 3 – Venusaur 15/102
  • 4 – Mewtwo 10/102
  • 5 – Chenssy 3/102

Where To Get Older Pokemon Cards?

In order to get some shadowless pokemon cards nowadays, you will have to check some secondary market options.

The cards have been available during a limited period, and decades later the only option is to hunt them down and search for good pokemon deals online.


What is a Shadowless Pokemon Card?

A shadowless card is an early version of the base set pokemon trading card game, its right image border has no shadow spreading from it, therefore the name shadowless card.

Do Shadowless Cards Have a Price Value?

Yes, the cards had limited printing run compared to other versions of the base set, which made them much more  rare and valuable to own.

What is the Most expensive Shadowless Pokemon Card?

The number 1 most expensive shadowless card is none other than charizard (number 4/102). Charizard cards are expensive on their own and shadowless zard is far more rare to get.

What are More Expensive 1st Edition Cards or Shadowless Pokemon Cards?

The first edition pokemon cards are considered to be more expensive than the shadowless ones, because they were printed first, plus they are the original set ever released.