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Pokemon Charizard Cards

The History of Charizard Cards

The first appearance of the charizard in the pokemon TCG was in the first set of pokemon (base set). Charizard was the most iconic pokemon in the set due to his highest HP value and strongest attack.

Charrizard became an instant collector and playable value card, the pokemonTV series and movies helped elevate charizard to become the most desirable pokemon card ever.

1st Edition Zard
First Edition Charizard

What is The Most Expensive Charizard Card Ever?

When it comes to charizard cards even the normal looking ones are actually worth something, the popularity of charizard is like no other and many collectors are looking to own their favorite red lizard pokemon in their possession.

The card that gets the most popularity and value is none other than the original charizard art. Copies of this card have been skyrocketing in prices and public bids. Every several years there is another groundbreaking sale with a charizard card.

Is Charizard the Most Expensive Pokemon Card?

Going over more than 25 years of pokemon card products, it is hard to pin-point the rarest and most available pokemon card ever, but believe it or not charizard is not the number one most expensive card to own.

The hobby of pokemon cards started in japan before it came to the rest of the world, with that came several local tournaments of pokemon trading card games. The rewards for the winners were special super rare japanese pokemon cards! There are few in the entire world and each one of them is worth 6 digits of USD to buy.

Extra Iconic Charizard Cards

There is almost 1 charizard card in every pokemon set, therefore lot’s of different charizards to collect. I will note down 5 extra iconic charizard cards in the hobby to keep an eye at:

  • 107/105 – Shining Charizard (Neo Destiny)
  • 146/144 – Charizard (Skyridge)
  • 100/101 – Charizard Gold Star (delta species) – (EX Dragon Frontiers)
  • 150/147 – Charizard GX Rainbow (Burning Shadows)
  • 079/073 – Charizard V Shiny (Champion’s Path)

Metal Charizard Card

As for 2021 there is a new kind of charizard card that is different from all the rest, the metallic charizard card has been revealed in the celebration’s ultra premium collection box, especially for the pokemon 25 anniversary.

Metal Charizard & Pikachu
Metal Charizard Card and Pikachu Card

The metal zard has the same design of the original charizard card from the base set, adding a lot of golden bling to it, the entire card is golden and shiny with a really cool texture and is one of the nicest things to display on a shelf.


What is a Charizard?

Charizard is a pokemon from the 1st generation of pokemon, he is the 3rd evolution of charmander and looks like a red dragon-lizard with flame on his tail.

How to Get a Metal Charizard Card?

In order to get a metallic charizard card you will have to open a celebration’s ultra premium collection box and find it inside. The other option is to buy it in the secondary card market.

Is Every Charizard Card Worth Money?

In a way Yes, the charizard cards are popular collectable items, and even the common ones have gained value over the years, which means if you got a zard card protect it for the future.

What is the First Charizard Card Ever?

The first appearance of a charizard card in the world was in 1996, as the Japanese Base Set holographic Charizard (number 006).

Can Charizard Evolve?

No, charizard is the last evolution line of charmander, but it can mega evolve into 2 different versions, mega charizard x and mega charizard y.