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Pokemon Amazing Rares

Pokemon amazing rares have been introduced to us first at the sword and shield vivid voltage expansion, their appearance is quite unique and eye-catching.

Each of the pokemon amazing cards have a unique attack that requires a combination of multi colorred energy, this makes them harder to play but each one has a strong effect nevertheless.

The cards have been perceived in a good way by pokemon fans and also by collectors alike, due to their “amazing” appearance.

All Pokemon Amazing Rares
Every Pokemon Amazing Rare Card

Every Pokemon Amazing Rare Card

In total there are 9 pokemon amazing rares cards available to collect, each one has a different pokemon type icon.

This is the list of all the pokemon Amazing Rare cards:

Pokemon Name Pokemon SetSet NumberPoekmon Type
Celebi Amazing RareVivid Voltage009/185Grass
Raikou Amazing RareVivid Voltage050/185Electric
Zacian Amazing RareVivid Voltage082/185Psychic
Zamazenta Amazing RareVivid Voltage102/185Fighting
Jirachi Amazing RareVivid Voltage119/185Steel
Rayquaza Amazing RareVivid Voltage138/185Normal
Reshiram Amazing RareShining Fates017/072Fire
Kyogre Amazing RareShining Fates021/072Water
Yveltal Amazing RareShining Fates046/072Dark

Pokemon Amazing Rares Design

The amazing rare card design is colorful and shiny, sparkling spiral of colors surrounding a pokemon image, the type symbols for the attacks are also shining in colors and at the bottom of each amazing rare card you can see an icon indicated with the letter A that is surrounded with a colorful spiral.

How To Get Pokemon Amazing Rares

In order to get pokemon A-Rares you will have to open packs from the 2 sets that feature the cards inside, the sets are vivid voltage and shining fates.

Inside the pokemon card packs you have the chance to pull an amazing rare card, the place in the packs are instead of the reverse holo card spot, which means you can pull amazing cards from green code packs!

That is what makes opening pokemon packs so addictive and fun.

All Amazing Rare Cards Together
All Amazing Rare Cards


Will there be more amazing rare cards?

As for now there are only 9 cards in total, and there are no plans to expand them into more cards, but anything can happen in the future of pokemon cards collecting.

Can you get an amazing rare and another pokemon rare card from one pack?

Yes you can! In vivid voltage and shining fates you are able to get an amazing rare card and also another card hit such as ultra rare or rainbow.

How to Pull Amazing Rare Cards?

You can pull amazing rare cards from weather white or green code card packs, that means it makes the whole pack opening experience much more fun.