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Real Pokemon Metal Cards

Real Pokemon Metal Cards have been around only for a few years, debuting for the first time in 2021 in the product pokemon 25th ultra premium collection.

The pokemon metal cards or metallic cards are in high demand both for new and long time pokemon card collectors. You can find the metallic pokemon cards only in special collection boxes known as Pokemon UPC’S.

Below we are going to check every real pokemon metal card and where you can find them.

Every Real Pokemon Metal Card

Check the entire list of all the pokemon metal cards with release dates and product type you can get them from.

Metal CardProduct NameRelease DateImage
Charizard Metal CardCelebrations Ultra-Premium CollectionNovember 17, 2021Metal Charizard
Pikachu Metal CardCelebrations Ultra-Premium CollectionNovember 17, 2021Metal Pikachu
Arceus V Metal CardArceus VSTAR Ultra-Premium CollectionNovember 04, 2022Metal Arceus V
Arceus VSTAR Metal CardArceus VSTAR Ultra-Premium CollectionNovember 04, 2022Metal Arceus VSTAR
Mew Metal CardPokemon 151 Ultra-Premium CollectionSeptember 22, 2023Metal Mew
Every Pokemon Metal Card Ever Released

The Origins of Pokemon Metal Cards

Way back in 1999 burger king released special pokemon toys with every kids meal from November 8 to December 31, 1999. The toys were small pokemon golden tokens. Known today as the Burger King Pokemon Gold Cards.

There were 6 possible pokemons to get and each one is actually golden coated with 23 karat. This was a move by Nintendo to promote the first pokemon movie.

The 6 Available Burger King Gold Cards:

  • Charizard
  • Pikachu
  • Jigglypuff
  • Poliwhirl
  • Mewtwo
  • Togepi
1999 Burger King Metal Pokemon Cards

Fast forwarding to 2019-2020 pokemon boom hits again stronger than ever. New pokemon collectors and kids are looking for the rarest and most valuable cards they can get their hands on.

Burger king Metal Pokemon Tokens
Original 1999 burger king Pokemon “Cards”

Fake pokemon card companies are starting to create “rare” metal pokemon cards that every kid can buy online. And the metal cards are in very high demand and popularity.

The funny thing is the fake pokemon market actually helped create the Real Pokemon Metal Cards we know today.

Now that we know the history of pokemon metal cards let’s take a look on how to tell real from fakes.

Real Pokemon Metal Cards Compared To Fakes

How to detect real metal pokemon cards
Real Pokemon Metal Cards vs Fakes

So you found a pokemon metal card online and you would like to know if it’s real or fake? We got you covered, It is pretty simple to tell apart the real metal pokemon cards from the fakes.

Once you see a real pokemon metal card you can pretty easily know what the fake one is. You can check the photos on this page to see the actual difference side to side.

Let’s start with the easy part of detecting metal pokemon cards:

There are only 5 different pokemon metal cards available for now. (check table above).

They are pretty rare to get, and they got a unique glossy look at their back, included with delicate work of embedding to each card front.

Many fake metal cards are actually using other card designs that have never been released. 

Also Fake cards got really bad embedding quality and the text is almost unreadable to begin with.

Another point of detection is the metal card back. The official pokemon cards got the original pokeball design in blue, red and white. While the fake ones got a complete gold back.

So What Makes Pokemon Metalic Cards So Special?

There are 3 things that make them unique and valuable:

  1. Scarcity – In order to get yourself one of the metal pokemon cards you will have to buy a pretty expensive product known as a Pokemon UPC. The Original Celebrations UPC was short printed and that created a value spike for the Charizard and pikachu metal cards.
  2. Uniqueness – There are only a few real pokemon metal cards and that makes them special compared to regular cardboard cards. So it makes collectors want to own them.
  3. Shine – Like ravens we are attracted to shiny things, and pokemon metal cards are super blingy and shiny. So we are automatically thinking they got value and therefore cherishing them a bit more than other cards.

Final Notes on Real Pokemon Metal Cards

The Real Pokemon Metal Cards are definitely special cards you can add to your collection. They are guaranteed in every UPC product mentioned above, and That makes it pretty available if you want to get yourself one.

Each of the metallic pokemon cards’ art design is actually not original at all. You can find the cardboard variations in the original pokemon sets.

Note that the metal cards are not tournament legal, so don’t count on using them anytime soon.

Overall the Pokemon Metal Cards are definitely some of the coolest display items you can have in your pokemon collection.