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Pokemon Fashion and Clothing

Pokemon is back in a big way, for many dedicated fans of pokemon, this is more than some TV show, card collecting or movies. Pokemon is a fashion statement.

If you have seen some people walking around with pokemon shirts, some cool pokemon themed hats or even pokemon jewelry, this is a great way to show the love for the pokemon brand and improve your style.

You can find creative and unique fashion designs of pokemon products all around the world. If you want to spice up your wardrobe in a fashionable and cool way, I have checked and prepared some great examples that might fit your poke fashion style.

Pokemon Fashion Accessories

If you are going for a saddle pokemon fashion statement this one is perfect for you, you can get and wear the items below and still look like any other person on the street with a little extra pokemon twist.

Pokemon Jewelry

Pokemon Jewelry

You can find several pokemon bracelets, rings, watches, Earrings and necklaces around that will slightly hint you as a pokemon fan, they look great and can come in many colors and prices from real life golden pokemon jewellery items to cheap replicas.

Pokemon Head Fashion Items

Pokemon Clothing

Adding a nice pokemon hat , hair ornament or even pokemon themed glasses can show everyone that you are a fan of the brand.

The pokemon head accessories can have subtle or out of your face designs, they are also great for pokemon cosplay and events.

Pokemon Clothes

Wearing clothes is a daily thing, every person can showcase their style and fashion by picking their favorite colors, designs and brands.

For a Pokemon fan, there are several cool clothing options he can choose from. Below we will cover some of the most popular Pokemon clothes you can find online.

Pokemon Shirts

Pokemon T-Shirts

This is the most common category you can find out in the open, people who show their love for the pokemon brand with a cool design clothes, usually the clothes are a nicely designed pokemon t-shirt that is very popular in birthdays and pokemon events, such as card tournaments and parades, the pokemon shirts are colorful and all out with their designs, so get ready to get a lot of attention when walking with one.

Pokemon Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Pokemon Hoodies

Alongside with pokemon shirts you can add  to your fashion a pokemon sweatshirt and even some pokemon hoodies to complete the set.

Pokemon Pants

Pokemon Pants

There are not so many options for pokemon pants so you can just wear it with everything you have (skirt, jeans, shorts and more).

Pokemon Socks and Underwear

Pokemon Socks

One of the coolest pokemon fashion items you can get are pokemon underwear and socks, these two are more hidden to the naked eye and are great options for the shy pokemon fans who don’t want to get all the attention on the streets.

Pokemon Pajamas

You can easily get a crazy pikachu or pokemon themed pajama set to enjoy yourself, this is more common for kids (in terms of sizes) but you can find some large sizes online.

You can find many designs for Pokemon sucks in open markets and also online stores.

Pokemon Costumes

There are many people who choose to wear pokemon costumes during halloween or even pokemon birthday parties, there are many options for them ranging from pokemon animated characters to specific pokemons, you can even buy separate items and combine them into one cool pokemon costume.

Pokemon Beach Items

As for extra items that are pokemon themed, i would suggest getting a swimming pool or beach themed swimsuit and towel, they look pretty cool and do not require much effort to pull off, just get yourself a nice pokemon beach towel and a nice swimsuit to match the set.

Pokemon Holliday Themed Clothes

You can find many great pokemon items that are specifically made for holidays in mind, ranging from christmas pokemon accessories and clothes to halloween ones there are many great and new pokemon themed items to add to your collection.

To Summarize Pokemon Fashion

Pokemon fashion can be anything you can wear and carry with you, don’t limit your imagination to clothing items only, there are items for any kind of fan.

You can get some pokemon mug, pan, earphones, notebooks and wallets. Anything can be part of your stylish pokemon design, from subtle touches to wild ideas, use your creativity to make your own pokemon style.