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Pokémon Card Game July 2024 Merchandise Revealed

    New Pokemon Card Game July 2024 Merchandise

    The Pokémon Card Game Scarlet & Violet merchandise lineup for July 2024 has been announced, featuring exclusive products available from July 19, 2024. Highlights include:

    • Card Sleeves Terapagos: ¥990/$6, 64 sleeves
    • Deck Box Terapagos: ¥500/$3, includes deck divider
    • Card Binder Terapagos: ¥2420/$15, 9-pocket type, 10 pages

    Other items include Deck Sleeves and Boxes for Lacey, Stellar Lapras, Dachsbun, and Hydrapple, each with unique designs and details. These products are primarily available at Pokémon Center and Pokémon Store Japan.

    You can also find these products placed on other online platforms such as Amazon and Ebay (Usually with higher prices).

    The month focus seems to be Terapagos (Stellar Form), this is due to the upcoming release of Stellar Miracle pokemon set in Japan happaning this July 19. Worlwide release of this set will be called Scarlet & Violet Stellar Crown releasing september 13, 2024.