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Big Mom Pirates Starter Deck One Piece Card Game ST-07

Big Mom Pirates Starter Deck ST07

This is the very first all yellow one piece starter deck! you will be able to play with Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom) as this deck leader.


Msrp Price: 12$

Release Date: June 30, 2023

Big Mom Pirates One Piece Card Game ST-07 Opening:

Complete Card List:

Name of CardColorNumberTypeCopies
Charlotte LinlinYellowST07-001Leader1
Charlotte AnanaYellowST07-002Character4
Charlotte KatakuriYellowST07-003Character2
Charlotte SnackYellowST07-004Character4
Charlotte DaifukuYellowST07-005Character2
Charlotte FlampeYellowST07-006Character4
Charlotte BruleeYellowST07-007Character2
Charlotte PuddingYellowST07-008Character4
Charlotte Mont-d’orYellowST07-009Character2
Charlotte LinlinYellowST07-010Character2
Baron TamagoYellowST07-012Character4
Soul PocusYellowST07-015Event4
Power MochiYellowST07-016Event2
Queen Mama ChanterYellowST07-017Stage2

What you Have Inside:

  • Constructed Deck: 51 cards (17 types in total)
  • Don!! Cards: 10
  • Play sheet: 1 sheet

Type Stats of Cards:

  • Leader card: 1 type
  • Super rare: 2 types
  • Common: 14 types

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