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Mcdonald’s Pokemon Cards

Pokemon mcdonald cards are special promotional cards usually coming in sets of 12 cards in total, the cards have a distinguished dotted holo pattern and they are a pretty great collectable collection piece for any Pokemon TCG fan.

The History Of Mcdonald’s Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Mcdonald's
Pokemon Mcdonald’s Card Sets

When did it all begin?

The first pokemon mcdonald card set came out in the year 2011

It was a great collaboration between the mcdonald company and Nintendo, helping promote new pokemon sets and also making the pokemon brand exposed to a wider population.

Mcdonald’s Pokemon Sets

Below you can check every mcdonald’s pokemon set ever released with the release dates and number of cards per set.

If you want to see the specific sets in more detail, you can check the entire Pokemon McDonald’s Sets list page.

Set NameRelease DateNumber of CardsExtra Notes
McDonald’s Collection 201117/6/201112
McDonald’s Collection 201215/6/201212
McDonald’s Collection 20131/11/201312Had only a french version
McDonald’s Collection 201423/5/201412
McDonald’s Collection 201527/11/201512
McDonald’s Collection 201620/8/201612
McDonald’s Collection 20173/8/201712
McDonald’s Collection 201819/10/201812
McDonald’s Collection 201915/10/201912There was also a french version with 40 cards.
McDonald’s Collection 20219/2/202125 + 25 HolographicStamped with pokemon 25th Anniversary Collection
McDonald’s Match Battle 202216/8/202215
McDonald’s Match Battle 202316/10/202315

Did You Know?

The pokemon mcdonald’s 2020 set was never released due to the pandemic situation around the world.

How To Get Pokemon Mcdonald’s Cards?

The only way to get pokemon mcdonald cards is to buy a happy meal at mcdonalds when the cards are available, there have been several cases where people would go to a branch of mcdonalds and buy only the happy meal toy, and in this case the cards alone.

How Much Are Mcdonald’s Pokemon Cards Worth

If you check the prices of pokemon mcdonalds cards over the years you will see that they retain some value for collectors, that’s because you cannot get them anywhere else once they stopped manufacturing the cards.

In every Mcdonald’s pokemon set there are cheap cards and there is usually at least one card with a more substantial price value.

So to summarize, do Pokemon mcdonal’s cards have value? Yes

With time every kind of collectable item will rise in value if it is protected in the right way.

To protect the pokemon cards you can check the guide I wrote about pokemon cards protection and storage, or you can use the links below to get them at a discount.